Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin fun!

Found this photo on the internet and just thought it was too funny not to share!
Well, work is real busy right now so I have been in the office a not much to report here.
Sunday I made a silver art clay pendant that is out of this world awesome, so I will post that soon!
In the meantime, keep busy, and keep happy,
and stay tuned for more fun in the desert sun...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here is the finished bathroom, well, I need a picture for above the towel rack, if you did not see the before scroll down to saturdays post! It took me all day saturday about 8 hours, I like it! That mint green was driving me nuts that was on the wall, next project is to get rid of the peach walls in the master bedroom and bathroom!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Stuff!!

The other day Ethan was here (4yr old grandson) and he was singing a song about colors and it teaches him how to spell, it was so fun too watch and hear but I had no way to show charlie, so I went and researched camcorders, this one is great, the Flipvideo, (cost is 149.00 at office max) you get one hour of record time then you pop it onto your computer and BAM you have videos ready for youtube or aolvideo, this is going to be so nice for charlie to actually shoot videos of them racing and he can pop it on his blog, or I can video the funny things Ethan does, or I can video tape Toby napping all day, what ever!
Charlie forgot to take it with him tonight so he won't have a video for his blog, but I decided to test it out with my latest project:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Single again!

Good thing I am married because if I was single I would cook food all the time and eat it and then I would have to be on my favorite show..the biggest loser!!!

But since it is fall classic time and charlie is at the race track every night I get to cook my elaborate meals I love so much...this time I steamed some crab, but that was yucky because I forgot to buy lemons...then I got roasted vegetables from Whole foods market and lemon asparagus and a big juicy here I am the kitchen is a disaster..but I now have on my plate what I call "my last meal" because this is what I would order if I was on death row and it was my time to go....Yeah, plate of roasted vegetables and a Steak to go! Oh, I would add a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream but I did not want to cook that tonight, that would mean heating the oven and we are still in the 80's here.

But you know what? It is funny how as you get older your tastes shift and now all I really want is the vegetables, holy moly, they are delicious!!! I discovered roasted vegetables on my scrapbook retreat, they were in a sandwich they served us and now I cannot get enough of them, Starbucks makes a sandwich with roasted veggies too, that is real good. But I will be back to whole foods for more of these, portobello, eggplant, carrot, squash and the aspargus, Wow, scrumptious!!!
So ends my single night, off to have some coffee (gotta love my Seattle's best blend) and work in my craft room while baseball is on the telly. Bon Appetit until next time!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barrett-Jackson show!

The auction block, this is another car I would love to have a 57 convertable thunderbird, dang, I would look so cute zipping around Las Vegas in that baby!
Oh how sweet it is! My dream car! Nothing more to say!
The Pontiac StarCheif, gosh the detailing is so much fun, I really think this car suits me and the color matched my eyes, Charlie left the checkbook at home, thanks to Mario's advice, geez, and I would of let you change her oil!!!
Oh The Travis mobile!! I could just see Travis driving this ride around town, he would look so sweet!!
Gosh, this picture made me laugh, I am so giddy around the classics, I just love them, I really should have been born in an earlier time so I could have been around in the 50's and 60's. Well, I was born in 1965 but at that age I could not appreciate the cars then!
It was an amazing show. I loved sitting in the arena area and watching the auctions go on live. That was fun.

Then there were two different areas to view the cars, it was a lot of walking, but so neat to see the classics up close, I love the interiors of some of these cars, the detailing is so beautiful. I found a new favorite, a pontiac Star Chief, Oh the details on this baby, I loved the stars on the trim and all the little extras every where, but I still want a 56 or 57 chevy Bel Air, that is my dream car in black and chrome and maybe a splash of teal and gray on the interior, ahhh, someday but for now I have the Barrett-Jackson people to keep my dream alive.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday was the Desert Newcomer Luncheon, I still attend these functions and have a fun time getting out and going new places and meeting new people.
This month was the fall fashion show, we viewed clothes from the liz claiborne collection, very nice.

The lunch took place at Treasure Island Hotel on the strip. The banquet room was beautiful, and the tables were set so nice and formal, the food was top notch for banquet style, roast chicken, asparagus, risotto. Most people think "oh catered food, dried chicken again" not here, the food was moist and flavorful, Oh and dessert...A little mini chocolate cake with various layers dipped in chocolate and served with raspberries, yep, I had to eat that and it was sinful!
Very well prepared food, and the service was excellent, our glasses were filled constantly. A wonderful luncheon, I hope we can return next year as it was easy to get to off spring mountain and las vegas blvd!
Next stop this week is Barrett-Jackson show on friday!!! Saty tuned!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Stuff!

I added some new items to my etsy shop so go check them out, the link is on the right! I also added a link to to the right side of my blog, if you use it I can earn points, so if you need to shop at amazon use my link and I will send you a free gift once you shop there!

I am trying to earn money and work from home, I now know the meaning of a starving artist! It is all about marketing so I am passing out my cards and really getting more vocal about what I do for a living. (besides work for my hubby) is such a fun place to shop, I have always liked to buy unique and one of a kind items everywhere I go, must be the reason I love to go antiquing, you find unique items antiquing. So Etsy is a fun place to hang out and find fun stuff, check it out next time you need a fun and unusual gift for someone!

Here is a photo of my latest copper creation, I call it "Fly me to the Moon"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do you read?

My Stephen King Collection

Since I posted a SK reference in the last post, I thought I would show you a little obsession of mine. My sister got me started on SK and he is like potato chips you can't eat (read) just one!
Today Mandy asked "what are some good reads?". I always suggest a good SK book, I just bought Lisey's Story at the airport and it is looking good so far.
Tanya is a big fan, we were even on his waiting list to have a book signed together and didn't even know it, btw, he no longer is doing that!
Too busy with Red Sox games and getting run over by weirdos.
So leave a comment and suggest some good books and I can pass them on to Mandy or leave a comment and let me know what your favorite King book is!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning Blues

Been a bit busy all week, allergy doc, dentist, working and trying to get settled back into the humdrum of life. Maybe it is not such a good idea to go run off to a resort and get spoiled for a couple days!

I took my food allergy test and I am good to go eat whatever I want, no problems there, my new crowns are adjusting and learning to eat chips and salsa and pizza just fine, a couple more months of work and I will have a million dollar smile, no really, over the 15 years I have been working on my mouth I have got to be at the million dollar mark...hahaha!

I went to Art in the park yesterday with Colleen, it is a big artist fair in boulder city. Fun stuff but expensive, we bought wine bottle stoppers then had lunch and hit Joanns for crafty junk. Nice La-De-Da day as colleen would say.

Not much planned for the month, I am going into hybernation mode, You know it was 59 degrees this morning...I am in a sweatshirt already!!!

Oh and don't forget the Barrett Jackson show is in las vegas, oct 16 to 19 at mandalay bay, charlie is taking me on friday the 17th, I can't wait to drool all over the classics I will see, I know there is a 57 bel-air out there with my name on it or maybe a 1958 plymouth fury (SK fan anyone?).

Will post pics when I go!!