Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joss Stone

Ronna and I went to see Joss Stone at the Hard Rock Hotel last night. We had dinner at AGO, it was very good, We shared a nice salad with shrimp and asparagus, then I had rigatoni with eggplant, yeah it was good! Ronna likes that salmon, I think thats all she eats?
Anyway then we went in the Joint and saw Joss sing her little lungs out. She was good but all her song sound the same because her voice is just that powerful soul sound and she has not learned to change it up....well check her out and if she is playing in a town near you go for it, because she is not expensive to see...yet.....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Selling on Etsy! will now lead you to my etsy shop where I can sell jewelry and other handmade items. I have bought some very interesting items on etsy and I love that it is all handmade things.
So go enjoy your shopping experience and I hope you find something fun and unique!

Bingo Babes!

Colleen McG and Pat K and Debbie W and I went to play bingo friday morning, I got my elvis dauber and Colleen made each one of us a little bingo mascot, I naturally got a monkey, she beaded a necklace with little peace sign on it, I love my monkey!!
So we sit down to paly and the first game out Colleen wins 600.00!!! Then the third game rolls around and she wins 2800.00 more!! She tipped the bingo runner 100.00 and walked out with 3200.00!! I did not win but it was fun to play! Wow what a day!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Wow, we had a birthday bash at Colleen's today, there were 4 March birthdays so we had a shin-dig at open bead day for me, colleen myler, Pat s, debbie. Colleen McG made her famous harvey wallbanger cake, and pat's husband made a chocolate cake and there were sandwiches and pasta salad and deviled eggs oh my! Everything was delicious and the table was covered in presents, such nice giving people in jewelry making!! We had fun and I got some amazing gifts! Thank you Colleen McG for opening your house and doing all you do and Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturdays class!

Copper pendants, wow, working with copper is too much fun, you have to cut it, hammer it, drill it, color it with liver of sulfer (that stinks), then you hammer silver wire and and attach stuff to the copper with wire wrapping....oh class!! I hung some silver heart charms off my copper pieces, gotta find some cool copper chain to hang thme, then they will be ready for my etsy store.

I am hoping to put stuff in my etsy shop this week, I know I keep promising but I just can't find the time to get stuff on ebay or etsy, will try harder this week!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I realized I have not posted any jewelry lately, so here are 2 projects:
silver art clay pendants and a bead embroidery cabachon, I am making another bead embroidery project, a stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Spring!!

Yahoo! It is springtime, thank gosh! If I don't get some sunshine soon I am going to freak out! The pool is 75* but not quite ready yet to jump in!
Thought you might enjoy this video...I have been listening to the song, I am putting it on Ethans 4th year DVD, I decided to check out the video on youtube and it was so cute I had to share!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wonderful Retreat!!

Ok, I am back from another fabulous time in Newport Beach! The Marriott is wonderful, the service and attention you get is spectacular! I was able to complete an album and get 3 others started. I recieved a room with a view, breakfast, lunch and dinner saturday and breakfast and lunch sunday. The food is gourmet all the way. I did not eat with the group saturday for dinner because Travis came to have dinner with me! That was nice, he brought me a silver necklace and a cute card for my birthday!
We had 104 people at the scrapbook retreat! We had about 5 banquet rooms filled!! Oh what fun!! The best part is I get to do it all again in September when we head back to Palm Springs area for more scrapbook fun!! Make sure you check out Croppin'Away in the right side links under "like to get away"!! You won't be disappointed!
My View from room 934!

My dinner friday night, room service, that was the best pizza I ever had!
My room, slept in every day till 8:00 am!!!

One of the crop rooms, we had about 5 filled!!

Another crop room!

I couldn't resist this coffee cup I saw at the Airport! And it is exactly how I feel, I am so lucky to have a husband who spoils me with these trips, I love him so much and try so hard to spoil him back, we work hard to have the fun we have, I like scrapbook retreats and he likes to go racing, life is good for us!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The fun never ends!

So charlie takes me out last night for dinner, I was in the mood for seafood so we went to King's fish house in the district, very good by the way! But I decided not to shop and go in the green valley ranch and play 100.00 for my birthday instead..well, I took the 100.00 and turned into 600.00, so now I can really shop on my weekend getaway!! Wheeeeeee!!!
See you all soon!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night charlie took me out shopping for my birthday, we started out at the new town square so I could shop at the Lucky brand store, they had a purse there I wanted but the purse was no longer there, he heard a clerk say they had another lucky store in Ceasar's forum shops, so we headed that direction, we found the Lucky store but no purse there either, I was bummed and now my feet hurt so we sat down at a keno machine so I could rest and grab a coffee when 2 cocktail girls walk up and ask if we wanted two tickets to Bette Midler show that was starting in 10 minutes!! Yeck yeah! They would not take a tip and ran off so we ran to the line and had great seats on the floor about 50 feet from the stage!! She put on a great show and was her usual funny self, I loved hearing her sing "the rose" and "when a man loves a woman" my two favorites from her! I still can't believe we got tickets for free!! What a neat birthday gift!!
Here are some more gifts I have recieved, the peace sign belt I bought last night right before we got tickets to the show...the peace sign bikini is from Mary Flores, the cat necklace is from Pat K, the chainmaille pendant and bracelet are form Colleen Myler, the purse hook and key holder from Mary Nolan-Reigle, the guitar watch from Mary Kay and Chuck, The flowers are from Margaret, I also have 4 shirts but they are in the wash! Thank you everyone for making my 43 so lucky!!
Charlie is taking me out agian today to finish shopping and go to dinner, so stay tuned for more fun from Las Vegas!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Test Results...

Well, it's official, I am allergic to cats and wheatgrass.
I will continue to live with toby and when he is no longer with us I will eventually get a dog, which I am not allergic to. Oh and I need to train toby to stay out of the bedroom, which I will try to do.
I am really bummed. I can't imagine my home with no cat, they have so much more personality then a dog and they don't smell as bad as a dog, but my allergies will only continue to get worse the older I get.
They still have no idea why I had the episode I did in January, it may have been an allergic reaction or stress, something went haywire in my system. But I am on medicine that is controlling my allergies very well so I am thankful for that.
Everyday I would sneeze and sneeze, we had tissue boxes in every room, I would go through a case a month. With the stuff I am on now, I don't think I have used one box of tissue in the last month and 1/2. I am happy for that.
Well, I don't feel much like talking so your on your own today...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Series Addiction!

Hi, my name is jackie and I have a series addicition....when I get into a series I can't stop watching until it goes off the all started with the waltons, from there I moved on to bewitched, mash, cheers, friaser, friends....then came cable tv and the series got stronger, more graphic, I was into queer as folk, sopranos, six feet under, carnivale and now my friend and enabler Colleen has got me hooked on Nip/Tuck. Yeah I had to buy all 4 seasons and when those are through I will buy season 5 which I missed this year....I can't stop, I even have my husband addicted, we been staying up until after 10 just to get 3 shows in a night...we have a problem and we don't want help, it is that good of a show...see for yourself and we'll see you at the next meeting of "The Series Addiction".
This video is from season 1, a few years ago.