Sunday, June 27, 2010

I sang back up for Oleta Adams!

Haha, well kind of, she said her voice was not that strong last night and told everyone if they sing along they can put that on their resumes! So, yes, I sang back up for Oleta Adams!
I scored some tickets to see Oleta over at the railhead in Boulder Station, many of our music loving friends are out of town so it was just me and Tanya, I am so thankful Tanya joined me, I really love Oleta's voice, very soulful and beautiful and I was so happy to get to see her sing and play the piano!
Our fun evening started with dinner at the Mexican place with Charlie, then we all went to the back bar and played the jukebox and keno until the show started.
We left Charlie there to play keno and watch baseball, and headed for the venue at 8:00.
I hope Tanya liked the music, it is not our usual rocking stuff but I thought it was a very nice show, Oleta's voice was still great despite her saying she was having problems, so rich and smooth!
Most of you will know Oleta's music by this song, but all her music is just as good, so give her a try in your ipod when you want some relaxing soul sounds....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have to wear a WHAT????

I have to wear a dress, I know, scary scary thought, but my baby is getting married in October, so I will do this for him!
Travis and Rebecca  came down for the weekend, we went shopping and found a couple dresses for me, one for the wedding and one for formal night on my cruise. Then we hung out in the pool the rest of the day, very relaxing.
I was so busy cooking and making margaritas I forgot to get my camera out as usual!
Will get some in July when I see them again!! I promise!
Not much happening this week, charlie and I are working on the backyard, we rotated the bbq and we want to build a patio cover over it and we would also like to enclose the pool equipment, maybe build a brick enclosure, we will see.
Will try to get some photos up. See you soon, go out and get some sunshine, Summer is finally here and I am a happy happy tanned girl!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday night out!

Wow, we had a wednesday night out with the girls, this time it was just Jerry, Colleen, Erin and I, most of the girls are travelling and let me tell you, they missed a good one this wednesday! We had dinner at the coffee shop and it was really good this time, I had lightly battered fried shrimp, very good, Colleen had a grilled chicken sandwich that she just loved and ate every bite! Jerry and Erin shared a burger that looked wonderful!
After dinner we went to our own private wine room ( yes, we are getting quite well known at the Hilton!) and had cocktails, then it was off to the show! A  Journey tribute band called DSB (short for Don't stop believing) Dang, they were fabulous for not being the real band which you can never see again, Juan Del Castillo did have a good Steve Perry voice going on and he was a crowd pleaser, everyone was very happy, they did a marvelous job, they are based out of Los Angeles so if you get the chance go check them out! They will be back at the Hilton in October, so you can go there too! Well, our wednesday nights are out for awhile, as Jerry Greenburg has nothing set up for July, we will have to try and go to other shows, for now I leave you with  a DSB video, enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White frogs and baseball!

Got some photos of my baseball cuffs, they look great and are fun to wear! Went outside with a white frog just for the white wednesday post! Check out more white wedensday at:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a dry heat....

Haha, you hear that a lot living in Las Vegas, yes, it is a dry heat. I love it! Been busy working on various projects, hope to post some new stuff soon, Hubby is getting geared up to go racing finally! They have struggled to come back with a good car and they think they have it all figured out, check out his blog at to find out more on the racing scene!
As for me I am working as a housewife in the mornings and secretary in the afternoons, will be checking out of my cubicle soon to go pour a margarita and jump in the pool! My paradise awaits!
Hey, go have some fun, life is short and time is running out, better do some living now before it is too late!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy Anniversary! 21 years ago today, Charlie and I hopped in John's motorhome, a really cool BlueBird Bus, and we headed from Hawthorne, California to Lake Tahoe, California so we could get married!
John was Charlie's Best Man and Debbie was my Maid Of Honor. That was the extenet of my wedding, no big hoopla for me, just a nice quiet beautiful ceremony! Short and sweet!
We were married on a saturday afternoon about 4:00 in Harvey's Hotel, Lake Tahoe, the chapel is up high so the view is wonderful.

We had a nice quick I do, then headed off to dinner, after dinner it so happened that The Judd's were playing in the hotel that night, well, the guys were dressed in their tuxes and had gone to see about buying tickets, when they came back Deb and I were ushered right to the front table by the stage, courtesy of our own "private ushers".  When our "ushers" had seated some other patrons, they came and sat down and we watched The Judd's, Wynonna and her mom Naomi, sing the night away! It was a wonderful ending to the beginning of our life together!

And now 21 years later we are still enjoying the life we have built together, through hard times and lean times and happy times, we know we can make it through anything together!
       Us, Today, 23 years together, 21 married!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lake Havasu! Fun in the sun!

We spent friday and saturday in Lake Havasu with our best friends Joe and Mary, it was just like old times, we miss them and when we can spend time with them it is as if we never left!
Friday found us out on the boat cruising, saturday was more of the same and it is so entertaining being at the Channel (London Bridge) Here are some photos of the fun we have!

Joe and Mary

Me and Charlie

The Boys Girl Watching!

Hanging out on the Essex, Joe and Mary's beautiful boat!

Are the bikini's getting smaller or are the girls getting bigger??

Jackie is not allowed to use the camera when drinking tequila!

Joe and Mary
We always clean up and have a nice dinner out!

Charlie and I

Thank you Joe and Mary for another fabulous time in Lake Havasu!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bunnies in the garden...

Oh what did they find? A new bracelet, made this one in class ( I just love it! Great for evening out with black or gray or white! This one is all mine!
As for the bunnies, I found them at an antique mall years ago in California, they actually stay indoors as bookends, but I thought I would let them out to pose for a white wednesday shot!
Have a great day and go make something fun and fantastic!
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