Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have to wear a WHAT????

I have to wear a dress, I know, scary scary thought, but my baby is getting married in October, so I will do this for him!
Travis and Rebecca  came down for the weekend, we went shopping and found a couple dresses for me, one for the wedding and one for formal night on my cruise. Then we hung out in the pool the rest of the day, very relaxing.
I was so busy cooking and making margaritas I forgot to get my camera out as usual!
Will get some in July when I see them again!! I promise!
Not much happening this week, charlie and I are working on the backyard, we rotated the bbq and we want to build a patio cover over it and we would also like to enclose the pool equipment, maybe build a brick enclosure, we will see.
Will try to get some photos up. See you soon, go out and get some sunshine, Summer is finally here and I am a happy happy tanned girl!!!

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Colleen said...

How about taking pictures of the dresses so we can see them?? I can be a happy-tanned girl with Fake & Bake which is much safer and causes less wrinkles!

Enjoy your pool and please keep your face out of the sun!!!!