Monday, May 18, 2015

Big Bingo Bonanza!

I went on a little staycation...hubby was busy racing over the weekend so I signed up for the big bingo tournament at Red Rock Resort here in Las Vegas. Got a room for Friday and Saturday and the entry for Saturday and Sunday. Bingo goes from 10 to 3 on Saturday and Sunday.
I arrived Friday afternoon checked into my beautiful room on the 15th floor with a view of the strip.

Now I must tell you, Red Rock resort is for those who want to come to Vegas but don't want to be on the "strip". You can go play on the strip, they even offer shuttles there. But you can get the Vegas experience with out all the crowds staying here.
It really has everything, a spa, restaurants of anything you want, BBQ, Italian, steakhouse and many you can walk out the back and you are at downtown Summerlin shopping district, plenty of stores for every ones tastes!

I chose to play some regular bingo on Friday, (won 125.00) then I had panda house for dinner and hit the hay, well, actually it was luxury bedding in my room, as I had a full day of bingo on Saturday!
I thought this was a cool picture, it is the endless hallway as you walk to your room!

Saturday I got up and went to the cafĂ© for some breakfast then headed to bingo!
In the warm up session I won 2 rounds for 125.00 and 85.00, I am having fun now!
They serve you a wonderful boxed lunch plus you get breakfast and dinner buffet coupons to eat for free, all for the 99.00 entry fee! I only ate the lunch and bought my breakfast and dinners in restaurants, buffet is no fun alone! The lunch was a chicken salad sandwich, potato salad, orange, chips, and oatmeal raisin cookies! Yum!
After bingo was over, I headed to the shopping district and bought a lucky necklace and a silver and turquoise bracelet at the Brighton store. Back to the hotel for dinner, I had Lucille's BBQ:
Bbq chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans and wine! My all time favorite dinner! I would order this if I had to have a last meal!
I played a little keno, sat at the bar and watched baseball, then went to bed early for Sunday was a whole day of bingo again!

I decided to order room service for Sunday morning and spoil myself a little more:
At 6:00 am I got my pot of coffee, an English muffin, and the prettiest flower delivered! I sat in my comfy chair and looked out at the view and watched the sun come up while sipping my coffee!
Aaaaahhhhh, this is the life!

I got down to bingo, and my hubby shows up, he was bored and wanted to go to breakfast but my bingo started, so off he went to the cafe, on the last game of the warm up session I won! I got 250.00!! Whoohoo!!

We broke for lunch and I sat and talked with Charlie, then he decided to go to the movies and see the Madmax movie.
I went back to bingo for my last rounds, I did not win in the last rounds, but I did have a wonderful time on my little vacation!
I would recommend Red Rock Resort for a Vegas Vacation! Everyone was so nice and friendly and the hotel is very beautiful! I may go again sometime and have a spa day, I will let you know how that is!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekends are for...

Getting flowers and cards from kids and grandkids:

Cleaning and firing up the grill to make my very first chicken kabab's ever:

Cleaning and buying new net, shark guage and water testing for pool so I can sit down and relax with a margarita:
Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend, summer is right around the corner, I have some fun trips planned and a month to just relax in my pool!
Peace, Love, and Margaritas to all!