Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working and more!

Ok, I tried a new recipe tonight so check it out on my cooking blog..just click on the photo in the right hand column! Wow, it was fabulous!
Other then that, I have been working on my kitchen..I have walls to paint and more...My cabinets will be delivered between April 4th and the 13th!
Lots to do!
I went to a birthday lunch with some of the march birthday girls, we had fun over at the yard house!
From left to right: Pat S, Colleen Myler, Ronna, Kim, Jackie, Tanya!
I hope you get out and enjoy life a little...time is ticking by, and the world is in peril. Take a moment each day to reflect, remember not to sweat the small stuff...enjoy every moment we live and breathe, you never know when it will be stripped from your grasp. Life is short, be happy today because tomorrow will be too late!
Peace, Love and Happiness to all who read my blog!
Make today the best day of your life!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Raining in the desert. That is our spring. It rained all night and we had big huge wind gusts.
I love the rain but only when I can stay in and bake stuff or make soup, I made Zuppa Toscana soup on Saturday. It was so good!
Charlie was at the race track, where they lost yet another race car.
They are on a losing streak or bad luck streak or something with the racing,
so we need some good juju sent their way!
In other is day 10 of my 5k I will have to jog for 5 minutes straight, during training, ugh!!
But I am determined to do this!
Well, enjoy your spring day whereever you are and just think we are only 93 days away from SUMMER!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kitchen update!

I finalized my kitchen order, so my cabinets will be made and sent to the house and once here, I schedule the install! It should be the first part of April! So by the end of April I should be cooking in my new kitchen!
I only went 300.00 over budget after adding in all the new plumbing parts and knobs, not bad!
Here is what I get:
White beadboard cabinets:

Formica solid surface counters in Graphite.

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


My birthday extravaganza!
It all started saturday morning, I had booked a room in the Green Valley Resort, again. I went early to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure at their fabulous spa! I checked into my room, a little executive suite, just a large room, nothing like I had last time. I got ready for dinner and walked across the street to meet everyone at the claim jumper. It was the usual concert girls, Me, Tanya, Erin, Colleen and my hubby was our chaperone.
We headed back over to GVR where we went to my room for some cocktails before the concert, the girls had some birthday gifts for me, Yes, even at 46 they spoil me rotten! I love it!!
Charlie arrived and said, NO, NO, we can't hang out here...he headed down to the front desk and came back up with keys to my luxury suite again!! I love that room!!
Once we settled back into the suite, I continued opening my presents...Red Pots for my new kitchen, thank you Erin! A new purse from Tanya, fabulous fabric!! Handmade dishtowels, and a vintage bread tin for my new kitchen!! Thank you, Thank you!!! Colleen had already given me a 123 xpress cooker, but she was trying her hand at scrapbooking and came up with this adorable gift card holder shaped like a cupcake, all is wonderful!!! Great job everyone, i love it all!! But most of all I love spending time with you and going to concerts!!

Speaking of concerts, it was Huey Lewis, Wow, he was fantastic! Better then ever, and he did not get all fat and ugly, he still looked great and sounded even better, he has a new CD out with soul music, my favorite music!! The songs were amazing...I am going to go download it on itunes soon!
The girls went home and Charlie and I retired to the suite life....once we awoke we headed down for coffee and crepes at the pancake house inside GVR. While charlie paid the bill I decided to sit down and play some quarter keno...I won two pots for a total of 1000.00, charlie sat down and hit a pot for 650.00. Gotta love quarter caveman keno!!

We packed up and went home with a song in our heart and money in our pockets!!
Thank you GVR for a funtime and Thank you to my friends for making my life worth living, I have so much fun when I go out with you all, you make me happy!
1. 3 of us, you will see erin later! 2. Gifts sent from my sister! 3. Gifts from my friends! 4. I love my Suite Bathroom! 5. There is Erin!! 6. Opening Gifts! 7. The Cupcake! 8. The Suite View! 9. The wall of windows.
10. The man who makes my dreams come true! 11. Caveman Keno. 12. The winnings!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting in shape and getting healthy!

Well, here I am almost 46! Time flies, I guess!
I started gaining weight when I hit 42 and it seemed there was no stopping it, until my friends started on some weight loss journeys of their own, and they pulled me in. Colleen McG does organic stuff and lots of exercise, Tanya loves Atkins, Colleen Myl works at curves, Pat S is a zumba expert. So all together we have quite a support system, I have now branched out and am helping my sister with motivation and tips and tricks.
The best advice I got was from Colleen McG, she had a Tap and Track app on her phone. That is one awesome little app! I put in information and it tells me how many calories I should have a day, plus it tracks protein and carbs and so much more....

Just by using this app and watching my calories and carbs and working out on my treadmill, I have dropped 7 pounds!! I am now at my optimum weight and all I have to do now is maintain it. Easy Peasy with this helpful little app!

Another fun app I use is Couch to 5K. It is a workout program that is training me to run a 5k. It will take 9 weeks of working out, you only do the program every other day. I am on my third day, so on Easter Sunday I will run my first 5k.

This app is great because I plug it into my treadmill, play my music on shuffle, and the voice comes on and tells me when to walk and when to run. I am having fun with this one!
Well, there you have it, it is never to late to get up off the couch and eat better, and exercise, with todays technology it is easier then ever to get in shape!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scrapbooking and Art and Soul!

I am finally home, and trying to settle back in to the routine of working and housewifing again!

I had a fabulous time in Anahiem with Mary NR, Mary F, Christy, Suzi, and Marlene. We started scrapbooking Friday morning and went until late Saturday, I only need to type in some journaling and my Alaska album will be completed!

I got to see Travis and Rebecca on Friday, they met up with us for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, we had a nice dinner, even though we picked on Travis the whole time, he really needs to see an allergy doctor, he takes after me and my grandma and has very bad allergies. I hope he gets there soon!

I drove home with my husband on Sunday, Monday found me doing laundry and cleaning so I could get packed to leave for Art and Soul. That was being held at the Green Valley Resort here in Las Vegas.

I had booked a room so I could hang out after and have dinner and drinks with friends.
I only took one class this time, Julie Haymaker's, find her at: Julie Haymaker She makes the little paper clay animals and puts them on music boxes. Last year I made a little bird and named her "Tiffany". This time I made a dog and named him "Cloudy with a chance of Rain". I think he is so adorable, Christy does not know it yet, but I have his twin in the works for her, "Tornado Warning" I did not have time to finish him in class so watch for him soon! Cloudy has a little turn crank for the music, he plays "A few of my favorite things"
Here he is:

When I went to check in to my room, I was told I had been upgraded to a suite. I said "Oh, Thank you that is very nice" figuring that it was just a little bigger room then usual. Boy, was I wrong!! I walked up to my door and it had double doors on it, I never got double doors before, so I thought this can't be right, but the key worked, and when I walked in I was amazed!! It had a huge couch area with the coolest leopard coffee table, the windows went all across the room from floor to ceiling, the view was all across the west, so I had the south end to the north end of Las Vegas, the whole enchilada!! The place had 2 bathrooms, a bar, a conference table (would have been great for scrapbooking on!!) The master bedroom was beautiful with views over looking the pool area. The master bath had a shower, a jacuzzi tub, two sinks, a toilet area, a tv, a phone, even a bathroom scale, his and her, I could go on!

Tanya came by and we went to Panera for soup and sandwiches then headed back to my room to enjoy the spectacular view, with my ipod on the bose and wine in my glass it was a cool night, Tanya even made a paper airplane to toss off the 7th floor balcony I had! She is a true rebel! I could never do that! I did not have my camera so I could only get pictures on my phone. Charlie showed up later to enjoy the suite with me, he had to be out with his friends Maureen and Ralph, they were in town for ASD show, they went to dinner and saw the Terry Fator show. Charlie was very impressed with the suite! It was fun to get spoiled a little, I hope to enjoy that kind of luxury again!

Thanks to the Green Valley Resort, if you are ever in town, stay there, it is a beautiful place! And tell them Jackie D sent you!