Monday, October 15, 2018

Where is the time going??

Oh man, I have missed my blog....  I have been playing on instagram @CreativecatJackie if you want to follow along...but I need to get back to this blog!

It has been over a month, let's see where did I leave off....

After Palm Springs, my sister and I headed to Arizona to meet Little Levi!

Oh he was so cute, we held him and rocked him, we visited with his mommy, Becky....we just relaxed, I cooked some meals and Travis came home we played trivia on his time we gotta bring some games and get unplugged!

I am hoping to get out there for the holidays, I wish I could drive but I get anxiety and then I get lost and then I freak out even more, I am afraid I will kill myself or someone else by going the wrong way on the freeway or something like that, So I have to fly everywhere....

I am glad to be getting updates on the phone, Becky texts us a lot, Levi is getting some personality now and he is already such a little character like his daddy was!

I try to send a grandma loves you box to him each month, but I sure wish I could see him more, I was so happy when Ethan was little and I watched him, we had so much fun all day! Cartoons, playing outside, waiting for the Ice Cream man and then waiting for Grandpa to come home!

14 years between grand kids is a long time, the years are flying by!

One Happy Grandma!!!

Yep, Okie Tacos were made!

Grandma has coffee breath! hahaha

Dad and his little beard puller!

Look at that little footie!!

I fell in love with this guy! Benji...He is massive! The picture is deceiving, this is one huge cat!!

They have 7 cats and 3 dogs and a turtle and a tortoise!

Love this guy too, Scrappy! He is a lovable old man!!!
I will get some more fun things up soon, we got our fence being completed then some landscaping and house painting to get done! See you soon with more from my little home in the desert!