Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heroes, just for one day....

Wow, another spectacular show...wednesday night out with the girls, well, only Tanya and I made the bowie tribute show, the other girls missed out on this one, he was fabulous! states:
"David Brighton has the voice, moves and look to actually step in for David Bowie if he were unavailable and few would ever know."
Yes, he was that good!
This show to me was a real truibute show, Brighton came out and sang in the 3 eras of Bowie's career, we had the early Bowie, the Ziggy Stardust era, and then the 80's stuff...he dressed the part each time and it went over great!
I loved when he sang Heroes, that is my all time favorite Bowie song, then at the end, he sang Time Warp from Rocky Horror picture show and we were all up dancing and having fun! Great show!
Next wednesday is Led Zep tribute! So stay tuned!
I am off to San Diego for a scrapbook retreat and will update you on sunday night when I return, Have a great weekend, and get out and have some fun!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Born in the USA!

Another Wednesday night out with the girls, this time June joined us and we had a funtime watching The Boss, or should I say fake boss, sing some of Bruce Springsteen's hits. We had dinner at the slowpoke coffee shop, then off to the bar for a round of wine and then we hit the show, fun evening out and I forgot how much I like Bruce Springsteen's music. Going to get some on my ipod now!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ethan's Tee Ball Game!

Today was Ethan's first game playing Tee Ball! We were so happy to go watch him play, it is so cute to see these little guys and girls run and catch and do their best to play ball!
The first thing Ethan learned: Keep Your Eye on the Ball!
Second thing: Run!
Third thing: Catch the Ball!
Fourth Thing: Play fair even with girls and their pink mitts!
What a great game!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sad and Happy!

The SAD: American Idol...oh the heartbreak, my boy Andrew got voted out last night, if you never got the chance to see him sing his version of Straight Up the paula abdul this, it is amazing:

Good luck Andrew and I will be looking forward to buying your albums!!

The HAPPY: I sent Crystal Bowersox one of my harmonica necklaces, it was just so her, with a guitar charm and mini harp on it, it just fit her, well, she recieved it and wore it on American Idol last night Wednesday night..How cool is that! She even played it a little walking back to her seat because she was safe, thank goodness!
Anyway I am so happy she liked it!! I wear mine all the time and get the best compliments! I hope she continues to do well and I can't wait to buy her albums!

Girls night out!

Here are the real Stones....

Wednesday night at the Hilton!! This time it was "Rolling the Stones" tribute band! Wow they were good! The highlights were "Gimme Shelter", they had an amazing woman doing vocals on that, and then "You can't always get what you want" always an amazing song, I loved it!
Next week we are in for a Bruce Springsteen Band, so stay tuned, and get out and enjoy life, see a show, go for a walk, life is too short!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Boys are Back!!

Yes, Phil starts the season, him and his boys, but there is a little shake up on the boats, they swtich the 2 Jakes, the conelia maria and the northwestern switch the 2 boys, because the captains feel they are too big for their britches, so it will be a little learning curve for them, knock them both down a notch!
Love my crab fishing boys! I forgot to cook crab legs tonight! Darn!
I cried already seeing Capt. Phil take the helm, knowing it won't be long till he leaves us once and for all!
Go buy Crab legs and support my crab guys! Don't forget the butter!

Monday, April 12, 2010

On the go...

Went to the glass show on friday, bingo on saturday, and laughlin on sunday! Been a busy weekend.
At the glass show I was able to attain some more guitars so be on the look-out in my etsy store for new additions! I will also have some peace sign purse hangers, I have had many requests after people see mine in restaurants!
Bingo was fun, I won 25.00!
Laughlin was a dud, we drove out to see a vehicle for work and the owner said "no you can't see my car" so we drove there for nothing, we will still get milage, but we lose the estimate money, we had breakfast in the Edgewater, can you say "DUMP" geez, fix the place up people, it was gross..came home and relaxed the rest of the weekend!

I got news that Travis (my son) and Rebecca had to put their cat to sleep, two ton jake, you can check out their memorial on That is so difficult to do, they tried their best to help Jake overcome his medical problems but it was too late for him, but they gave him the best last two months of life any cat could hope for, he was well spoiled in the end!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

World turning!

Last night I went to another tribute band concert at the Hilton. My two friends joined me, Tanya and Colleen McGraw....We saw Bella Donna, Michelle Tyler, she sings stevie nicks, and she does a pretty good job of it, loved the guitar and drums, a big part of the fleetwood mac of my favorite moments was when a back up singer stepped up to the mic and sang World Turning, she rocked the house!! I loved here is Lindsey doing his thing on World stop a Rolling stones tribute next wednesday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol

Wow, last night was pretty good for the contestants, they did a nice job with Lennon/McCartney songs, I think Casey did an amazing job with Jealous guy, the best version of that song is from Bryan Ferry (my sister's idol) look him up on itunes. And Kris Allen from last year did the best "Let it Be" I ever heard, I actually bought that version off Itunes, it helped the charity as well, so that was a good thing too.
I am now going to predict the final 5...Crystal, Casey, Lee, Katie, Siobahn. It could be a toss up of Aaron or Siobahn the next 3 weeks will tell!
Anyway my favorite is of course Crystal but I love Andrew too, he was my favorite ever since hearing that amazing version of Paula's song: Straight up, I love great cover songs, that is proabably why Idol is so interesting, you get some great covers every once in awhile! So Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Since easter is somewhat all about cute furry little critters, like easter bunnies and baby chicks, I have my own cute little furry animal to share:
Toby! He likes to sleep with his tounge sticking out, now is he not just the cutest thing you have ever seen!
Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

Well, I completed my spring cleaning, what about you??
My closet...I had to buy 11 bins at 5.00each, one closet rod for 10.00, 9 hooks for 2.00 each, one sweater holder for 13.00, and one shoe holder for 10.00....grand total for a neat clean organized closet....106.00!!
My sweaters are now off the hangers so the shoulders won't get all poofy and stretched out, my sandals are in the shoe bag so they will stay nice looking and when you live in las vegas you are wearing sandals all summer, and my jackets are hung next to the shoe bag and it is amazing how little jackets you need when you live here in the desert so they do not take up much space. My pants are now hung under my shirts...I have 29 pairs of jeans, 10 pairs of cords, 8 pairs of capris!! The bins hold lingerie, totes, purses, scarves, mittens. I am so glad to have this project completed, I feel much better about finding something to wear! So what spring cleaning projects are you doing??