Thursday, April 8, 2010

World turning!

Last night I went to another tribute band concert at the Hilton. My two friends joined me, Tanya and Colleen McGraw....We saw Bella Donna, Michelle Tyler, she sings stevie nicks, and she does a pretty good job of it, loved the guitar and drums, a big part of the fleetwood mac of my favorite moments was when a back up singer stepped up to the mic and sang World Turning, she rocked the house!! I loved here is Lindsey doing his thing on World stop a Rolling stones tribute next wednesday!


Tanya said...

Thanks for THAT! LOVE that song...I had a shirt just like that once - probably before you were born, Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun...Would love to hear from you. It's been such a long time. Hope you remember me. We live next door to you in Lawndale. Chris Wesling. Please contact me. Catch up on things.