Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Idol

Wow, last night was pretty good for the contestants, they did a nice job with Lennon/McCartney songs, I think Casey did an amazing job with Jealous guy, the best version of that song is from Bryan Ferry (my sister's idol) look him up on itunes. And Kris Allen from last year did the best "Let it Be" I ever heard, I actually bought that version off Itunes, it helped the charity as well, so that was a good thing too.
I am now going to predict the final 5...Crystal, Casey, Lee, Katie, Siobahn. It could be a toss up of Aaron or Siobahn the next 3 weeks will tell!
Anyway my favorite is of course Crystal but I love Andrew too, he was my favorite ever since hearing that amazing version of Paula's song: Straight up, I love great cover songs, that is proabably why Idol is so interesting, you get some great covers every once in awhile! So Stay tuned!

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