Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Again!

Well, Dash is on his way home, his mom picked him up this morning, he was fun to play with and I could hold and cuddle him unlike Toby. He was a handful getting into everything and having to give medicine twice a day but he was very good about it and almost enjoyed it!
He is almost over his cold...I hope Amanda and Dash are happy to be home!
Oh..Amanda brought me back a real cool peace bag from her trip, look for it in upcoming photos!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

All you need is Love!

Greg bought Colleen 2 tickets to Love for their anniversary, so her and a friend can go see the show. Colleen asked me to attend and I am so thankful, it was my first cirque show and I truly enjoyed it!! I think it is amazing how they can change the sets so quickly and you don't even notice...the song choices were great, I loved them all...if you come to Vegas I would recommend seeing Love at the Mirage!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poor Dash!

He picked up a virus at the kennel, he was there 2 1/2 days!! Not acceptable!!
I took him to another vet today and he was put on antihistamines and different antibiotics, he is already feeling much better and in these photos he is trying to catch the leaves blowing in the thunderstorms we are having, only he can't quite figure out how to open the sliding door..hee-hee! Toby will have to go get shots now because he was exposed but we are hoping he won't catch it, we will be watching him very close! Dash has been having fun here playing and jumping and running around, he has tried numerous times to befriend Toby but Toby just growls and walks away, he wants nothing to do with a kitten!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Travis and Dash are visiting! Travis is my 24 year old son from California and Dash is my friend Amanda's bengal kitten (we are kitten-sitting for a week). Dash is so lovable, and energetic! Toby is avoiding him like the plague and keeping to himself in his room, Dash does not how to operate the cat door so Toby is perfectly content to lounge in his room and can come and go as he wants but Dash can't enter the room due to the cat door! We have a cat door on the guest room then leading out to a litter box outside for Toby so hence the guest room is Toby's room!
Dash had to have his own litter box put in my craft room for the week. He is so playful but he runs around and knocks stuff over and tries to climb the trees in the living room, it is hilarious!
Travis and I are lounging in the pool today and then maybe we will go to the strip tomorrow and walk around then he goes home wednesday night at 8:00. Just here for some R&R.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I took my husband on a little mini vacation...we flew to phoenix to watch the diamondbacks play friday and saturday, we stayed at the Hyatt, it was nice but the coffee shop was way to expensive and we had to change rooms after friday due to a crying baby next door, the rooms are nice, much better then the Wyndham, next time we will try the Sheraton.

Going to phoenix makes a nice weekend getaway, you fly in and if you stay at one of the hotels by the Chase stadium you can walk to restaurants and the ballpark. Fridays game went real long 11 innings so we got our moneys worth, saturdays game was fun because it was 70's night so the music was fun!

We walked to a the movie theater saturday morning and saw Get Smart, it was funny! I also forgot to tell you we saw Hancock last week and that was real good movie too!

We also went to the pool and had a drink and cooled off once we walked back from the movies...it was a real nice weekend, I am so happy I was able to escape with my wonderful hubby who makes me happy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My silly kitty...

He loves the smell of sweaty shoes! He will even stick his nose in Charlie's shoes, when he does I say he is trying to commit kitty suicide! Here Toby is napping in my shoes....what a goof ball!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, the last time we went to play bingo, Colleen had made herself a special "Ask Believe Receive" necklace and she won about 3500.00 so I figured I would make myself a little something to go play bingo...a silver art clay piece stamped with a lucky stamp and then I dangled a pendant I got from my friend Mandy, a pin that I chopped the back off of, and a 4 leaf clover pendant from my friend Mary, I then attached chainmaille to each side for a beatuiful bracelet, Oh, I thought with all that good luck something is bound to happen....

And sure enough...I won 150.00!! and Colleen won 50.00!!

Sending good thoughts to: Our friend Pat could not go as she is not doing well today so let's send some good thoughts out to her for a quick recovery so she can come out and play bingo soon!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Monday

Spent the weekend in the pool, gotta love that!
At night we light the tiki torches and just sit out there enjoy the ambiance and look at the stars.
We BBQ'ed hot dogs and hamburgers and I cooked myself a steak, oh that was the best steak I ever ate! It was a nice weekend and really made us enjoy the money we spent out back, I know we will enjoy the yard for many years to come.
Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend!
Here is a little monday music for you, I have been listening to the 80's lately and we had some good stuff back then, one of my favorites was the Fine Young Cannibals, here they are doing some Elvis and I really love this version!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow It's July!

Holy Smokes Batman.....Summer is in full swing, I love it!

Charlie came home from work and went swimming with Ethan, I sat in a chair by my fountain while they splashed water on me by doing cannonballs. I couldn't swim as I had to start dinner to soon...I love having a pool, if we didn't have it we would be stuck in the house too much, which slowly kills me, I crave the sunshine and green-ness, (explains why I painted my backyard green).

In my best Morgan Freeman voice:
I hope you take time to enjoy the summer, I hope you lay down on cool grass to watch the clouds roll by, I hope you find a moment to realize how tiny you are in the big scheme of things and realize our only purpose in life is to live it, every moment of every day, and even more in the summertime...