Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow It's July!

Holy Smokes Batman.....Summer is in full swing, I love it!

Charlie came home from work and went swimming with Ethan, I sat in a chair by my fountain while they splashed water on me by doing cannonballs. I couldn't swim as I had to start dinner to soon...I love having a pool, if we didn't have it we would be stuck in the house too much, which slowly kills me, I crave the sunshine and green-ness, (explains why I painted my backyard green).

In my best Morgan Freeman voice:
I hope you take time to enjoy the summer, I hope you lay down on cool grass to watch the clouds roll by, I hope you find a moment to realize how tiny you are in the big scheme of things and realize our only purpose in life is to live it, every moment of every day, and even more in the summertime...

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