Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Happenings!

I have a new venture this year...I am so in love with crocheting that my house is going to fill up with all the fun things to make, so I decided I better open another etsy shop to handle the overflow!

I love to make beanies and cowls so it will be filled with them eventually, I already have 4 in there now and I just opened!

So check it out and let me know what you think.....

I love the logo, I would like to thank JupiterStreetDesigns for the design, you can find her on etsy if you need a branding/logo set...

How adorable is this?
Plus I was able to get www.BeanieKitten.com name so go have some fun shopping in my etsy stores, all links are on the right column.

I just love this beanie, it will be perfect to wear on Valentines Day, hoping for some cooler weather, it has been 70-80 degrees here, but I still like to wear my beanies, they are so cute and fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter, if you can even call it that....

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bellagio December 2017

I forgot to share my trip to the Bellagio. I was able to go with Tanya and her parents.
We love to go see the new displays they put out each season, this Christmas display was just gorgeous! Enjoy!

Tanya and her Dad

That's me, Don't feed the bears!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Holidays are over.....Welcome to 2018!

I kept myself very busy over the holidays.....new recipes, new hat, got to see my son and his wife,....

I found a copy cat recipe for this bread! Turned out great!
The brown bread from the cheesecake factory, yummy!

Easy hat to make from Wilma Westenberg on youtube, you follow along and in the end you have a gorgeous hat! the Pom Pom is from TheFireFlyHook shop on Etsy.

Hubby and I have been binge watching Walking Dead, we are on Season 6, trying to catch up with everyone else who are on season 8!

I bought a wok, I love stir fry...I wanted to make it at home, my first dish...spicy wok fried green beans...they were so good!!

Our new years dinner...Chicken pot pies (homemade) and devils food cake with chocolate frosting (not Homemade but soooo delicious!)

We stayed home for new years, just watched tv, did not even drink!
But in the morning I made the hubby cinnamon rolls....

Met up with my Travis and Rebecca at the Venetian, they had these cool Rolling Stones displays:

Here they are in there New Year Glory!
What a cute couple!!!

Hope we all have a wonderful year full of laughter and love.....