Thursday, July 28, 2011

You know those emails....

You know those emails you get with all kinds of tips and tricks and household hints, usually from the 50's when all they had was 3 kinds of cereal to choose from and there were only 3 kinds of asprin on the shelves you could take and they would cure anything, unlike today, where we have a whole aisle just of cereal and there all billions of is really overwhelming sometimes, so I tend to try home remedies first, most really work.

I received an email from my friend, Tanya, it was about putting egg whites on burns, I checked it on snopes, and they didn't say it works, but they didn't say it didn't, so I figured next time I burn myself in the kitchen, I will give it a try.

Last night I grill some chicken in my grill pan and popped it in the oven, for 15 minutes, took the pan out and used tongs to place the chicken on a plate and tented with foil, turned back around and the grill pan was sitting on the stove, I grabbed the handle thinking it was cool, and lifted the pan then dropped it and ran to the sink, I ran cold water on my hand for 20 minutes, reached around to the fridge, thank goodness I have a small kitchen, grabbed an egg, cracked it open, one handed mind you, put the egg white in a shallow bowl and dipped my burnt hand in the white...I continued to coat my hand with the egg white solution, I used two egg whites over the next 2 hours, dipping and coating my hand.

Within in the first half hour, I had no more pain, my hand was coated as if I had stuck my hand in elmers glue and let it dry, well, by this time it was bedtime, so I just left my dried up hand alone and went to sleep, still no pain at all...

This morning I wash my hand in cold water, got all the egg white off, AMAZING, you can see where my hand is burned, I even have the line from the pan handle burned into my finger, but there is NO PAIN and NO BLISTERS!!
I can tell my hand is burned when I touch stuff (dead nerves) but no pain and no blisters????

Even Charlie said he could not believe what he was seeing, as he saw my hand and the blisters that had started to form when I burned it.

Wow! I will always put egg whites on a burn, I am a true believer now!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ethan Bortnick Piano Prodigy!

We got tickets see Ethan Bortnick perform here in Las Vegas at the Hilton, so we made it a little girls night out (me, colleen, tanya) with our chauffer Charlie.
This little boy is amazing, he is so full of life and love of music, my favorite part of the night was when we was telling the story of his meeting with Elton John (lucky kid!) Elton had asked Ethan if he played any Chopin, Ethan said "no, I never have" Ethan says to the audience, "when Elton John says you should play Chopin, you go learn Chopin!! And he did, then he played it for us and it was amazing!! Here is a video that sums up Ethan's life so far, remember he is only 10, he started playing at 3!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beat the heat!

Hey, I made some Gazpacho today, what a nice cool refreshing soup, head on over to my cooking blog (click on the link to the right) or onecreativecook  I am sorry so many people are having a hard time with the heat, perhaps a bowl of cool soup will help! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chris Isaak on the Beach!

Went to see Chris Isaak last night, it was Me, Charlie, and Tanya. We had dinner at the cafe, then hit the beach for some great music by one of the best!
This is a photo Charlie snapped on his phone as Chris Isaak sang and danced right past us! Then he went back on stage and sang all his great songs! If you have never seen Chris in concert, go, he is so much fun and his music never gets old!
This concert was at Mandalay Bay, they have a beach and you bring a towel and sit on the sand and the water is right in front of you and the stage is above the water. You are real close, and since it is after the sun goes down and the water is there, it is nice and cool to be outside for a concert!
I just love this venue!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More in store...

Wow, I am on a roll..5 necklaces the other night and now 4 more up and selling in my etsy is a hint...lady gaga, a christian and a scrapbooker are in a bar.....hahahahaha!

Go Anna!

Ok Charlie and I have got sucked into watching America's Got Talent....Some people have no talent (raising my hand)
My votes are going to this little girl, her first audition she sang Alicai Keys and blew me away, second go round she sang Adele, Rolling in the Deep, mine and Charlie's  favorite song right now!
Well I looked her up and found this song and WOW, I love it, it could be a hit right now! And she wrote it herself!! UGH! Some people get all the talent!! Anyway, she is going to be a star, even a SuperStar!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My friend went on vacation...

Tanya went to colorado for 3 weeks, well, she went lots of places in those 3 weeks, check out beadandneedle to see where she went....She went to see her parents, who I can say are two of the nicest funniest people I have had the pleasure to meet! While with them, she went antiquing with her mom, Barb, and Barb decided she wanted to get me a little something for my new kitchen...Mr Hambone, a bank, probably from the 40's! He is very, very, vintage..and looks so sweet on my little shelf in my kitchen! Thank you Barb!! I just adore him!!

Tanya ended up driving back through Arizona and New Mexico, I am so glad she stopped in Pueblo, New Mexico because she bought me a Zuni Fetish!!

Here is some information on what a Zuni Fetish is:
The Zuni are an Indian tribe who reside on the Arizona / New Mexico border, along the Zuni River. Physical evidence of permanent dwellings date their existence in the region back as far as 700 C.E.

Although other tribes produce fetishes, the Zunis are arguably the most skilled of all at carving fetishes. Tribes like the Navajo use Zuni fetishes to guard livestock, among other functions. Zunis also sell unconsecrated fetishes and fetish necklaces to tourists and collectors, and many individual artists have become famous for their work.

Fetishes are employed to ask for help with treating disease, farming, gambling, hunting, fertility, rain, personal problems, and protection from witchcraft or one's enemies. They bring good luck, protect households, and play a role in tribal initiations and curing rituals. But only a pure heart and an honest appeal will get the desired results. They can belong to an individual, a secret society, a clan, or a tribe. Their power lies in the spirit dwelling within the fetish, not in the fetish itself (Pagewise, 2009).

Many fetish carvings include "offerings," also known as power packs and medicine bundles. They are added to the carving, usually with sinew, to placate the spirit of the animal and to add to its power.

Here is the fetish I recieved from Tanya:

 He is a Bear made from Picasso Marble, made by Jeff Eraicho, he has a "Power pack" on his back made of turquoise, and he has a fish in his mouth. I still need to put a little cornmeal in his pouch to feed him, that is what you should always do, offer food and water. Take care of your fetish and they will take care of you!

The Bear = Strength, Introspection, spiritual journey though life.

I can't wait to travel to New Mexico next year and pick up a Zuni Fetish for Travis and Rebbeca, I want to get them a Buffalo one, that is kept for: Endurance to overcome, great emotional courage provider to all.

Thank you Tanya for my Gift, I will carry him with me always!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is my 501st post on my blog!!
So I am going over to Blog2Print and getting my blog printed into book form!!
I started my blog back on June of 2007, it has been a great 4 years of blogging!
So on to the next 500 posts!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pajama shopping?? Head to Etsy!!

I love to shop online, my favorite place to shop is
I love to buy handmade and support other creative artist's like myself!

Here is a fun sign I picked up for 5.00 from thekeepsakechest  :
Here is a fun Tag/Bookmark I got from: kilkennycat :

The best part is, you can shop in your pajamas while slurpping coffee! You don't have to get all dressed up. Yes, I am still one of those people who get dressed to go to the grocery store.
I do not go to the store in slippers and pajamas like the rest of society is doing...that is just disgusting!

I take a shower, get dressed properly (clothing that covers at least 80% of my body), put on a little makeup, jewelry and go shopping. People could learn a lot from me.

So if you are one of the people who enjoy shopping in your jammies, head on over to and be sure to visit peaceloveandartshop I just added 5 new items to my shelves!
I have Dog Whistle necklaces, Glass Guitars, and My Mini Harmonica necklaces are there too!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We have been adopted!

Sammy has been hanging around about 3 years now, he has a girlfriend and another buddy that have been living on the streets as well. But Sammy loves our backyard and it seems the more I fix it up the more at home he gets!

Sammy hanging out!
While Charlie and I were working out there all weekend a week or two ago, Sammy lounged under the motorhome and never moved even though Charlie and I  were back and forth walking around working, he never left just napped the day away. Usually Sammy and Dogface (his ugly girlfriend) and Buddy (an orange scruffy cat) run from us. But lately Sammy has decided he likes us and wants to tolerate us.
You can rub my belly!

I really am nice, I just look mean.

You Talking to Me??
So today I walk out on the patio and Sammy walks right up to me and starts talking/meowing and rolls over and just being as friendly as he can be. Maybe the hellacious storm that ripped through here last night has got Sammy thinking he needs some friends to shelter him??
So I finally gave in and feed him a can of food and told him he was more then welcome to live in the backyard!
So his first day on the job he kept me safe from a stray catapiller while I cleaned up the aftermath of the storm.

It's a catapiller!

I'll save you!!

Got it!!! Lunch anyone??
Welcome home Sammy, I hope you can stay and keep me company while I enjoy my little piece of paradise!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New recipe on cooking blog!

Made a cheesesteak sandwich for dinner, Yummy!!
Recipe on cooking blog! click on photo in the right hand column!
or head to:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4TH of July!

Hope everyone stays safe this 4th! I will be in my pool relaxing and bbq'ing some ribs!