Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3rd times the charm?

I am trying to get a new refrigerator, sounds easy right? Well, when you have a tiny galley kitchen and the ice box has to be next to a wall, your pickings are slim to none!
I want a fridge that has ice and water in the door, I can't deal with no ice this summer, I use so much ice that my current fridge can't keep up. And with water in the door maybe we can cut down on buying bottled water.
I went to Lowe's and picked out a fridge, they delivered it and it was not 30 inches deep it was 48 inches deep, UGH! Ok, back to Lowe's had to buy a new one from them, and have them pick up and refund me for the wrong one. Got the new fridge delivered but when you opened the right side door you could not access the drawers due to the right door can only open about 87 degrees due to being against the wall.
Wrong type can't use next to a wall!

Back to Lowe's,  I am getting a french door fridge that should work, due to the drawers being able to be moved to the left side of the fridge and drawers that pull out instead of towards the wall. The right door will still only open 87 degrees but with access on the left and the drawers on the left we will be fine, I hope.....

Hoping this will work next to the wall after I move the drawers to the left. It has ice and water in the left door.

In other news, I discovered that we can cook french fries on the grill!! We wanted some burgers and I made our favorites, Pub Style Angus Burgers from Sam's choice, they are soooo good, located in the freezer section. Try them, they are great!
So I grab a bag of fries and decide to throw them in the pan I cook veggies in on the grill, I shook them around and let them cook until golden brown and done, Wow, worked great! Who Knew??
So there you are, a fun little grilling secret on how to serve fries at your next BBQ.

 I have been reading and watching youtube videos so I can really make some wonderful foods on the grill, I have a book called How to Grill by Steven Raichelen. He has a really great Hot Dog recipe for the grill....I tried it out and Holy Smokes, I don't think I can go back to eating plain old dogs on the grill anymore! You cut a v shaped wedge out of the dog, lay in some cheese, I used pepper jack and some sliced jalapenos and tie up with butcher string, I really did not need the string so if you are careful you might be able to get away without using it. just cook and tilt and cook and tilt until done, Oh Yummy! Toast the bun and add some mustard, it was very good!

I hope you are enjoying your summer, we had our 11 year old grandson for 10 days and had so much fun playing in the pool and grilling up some great food.  See you soon with more recipes from my grill!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Grill time baby!

Summer is here the pool is up to temp, 89*, sweet summer loving is in the air!
Um, can you tell this is my favorite time of year?? Maybe it is the Pisces in me, but a whole season to spend in water, oh sweet sweet jeepers!
Today I decided to do a little cooking on the grill, it is not an easy cooking skill to master this damn grill thing! But we spent 5 grand on an outdoor kitchen, so I am bound and determined to cook more then hot dogs and frozen burgers!!!

I was inspired by our dear friend Chuckie Burgess, he invited us over to his mansion last weekend and served us up quite the gourmet spread, he is a retired Marine (can I get a OO-RAH!) and motorcycle police officer and jack of all trades if you ask me, yeah does his own garden and landscaping too, he can eat live grasshoppers and kill scorpions! I hope my hubby is taking notes for when he retires in 4 years, gotta keep those boys busy or they can get into some trouble!

So today it was all about grilling chicken and shrimp. Chuckie had 3 kinds of shrimp and some chicken he had cooked up, so I set off to find some marinades and recipes.

I chose McCormick Grill Mates dry spice in the bottle for the chicken, roasted garlic and herb, and Grill Mates in the packet chipotle pepper. Cut up the chicken into chunks and put into baggies to marinate for a few hours.

I chose ragin cajun spice for the shrimp, and a recipe for homemade marinade on all recipes for grilled shrimp, from a guy named Ron. Also grabbed Weber zesty lemon dry bottle spice mix.

Got everything marinating in their own baggies, when it was time to cook I fired up the grill and oiled it down. Had my skewers soaking all night, Did the chicken first. I knew it would have to rest and I knew the shrimp would only take a minute or two....

got them all skewered up and hit the grill...

Here are my results:
In the chicken category:

The Roasted garlic and herb mix by McCormick was ok, but not great, kinda iffy. 2 stars.

The Grill Mates Chipotle pepper packet was amazing!! I could eat that chicken all day! Yummy!
5 stars!

In the shrimp category:

Ragin cajun was fabulous! I put a little too much, gotta go easy on this, and I like heat, but I was over the top...if it was toned down this would have been awesome! 5 stars!

Ron's recipe off the internet, boring, no flavor, I had high hopes with a homemade recipe, but this fell flat. 1 star cause it was edible.

Weber Zesty lemon, OH NO! tastes like soap! ewwww! gross! What a waste! 0 stars, well maybe -5 stars!

labeled and marinating

The chicken labeled on foil all cooked up!

The shrimp labeled and ready to go

the marinades

The winner of the chicken dinner!

The winner of the shrimp dinner!
There you have it, some grilling fun had by me, I learned a little and enjoyed my saturday on the grill! Good luck and if you have any tips or recipes to share please leave a comment! Thanks!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Anniversary #26

Charlie and I have been married 26 years. Wow!
We celebrated by attending a concert at the Palms. We got to see Doyle Bramhall, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Great blues music! 
Charlie surprised me by getting us a room at the Palms! Wheeeee! I love staying in hotels, it is so luxurious and so pampering! 
We arrived at 3:30 and played some machines, doubled our money, drank some drinks, had a nice dinner at the cafe, then headed to the venue. We enjoyed some great music from 6:30 to 10:00.
Slept in a comfy bed in a great room with a fabulous view. What a fun anniversary date!
I wonder what we will do next year??
My friend Deb sent us roses! She was my maid of honor 26 years ago!

Us with the view behind us!

Waking up and seeing this out the window!

Doyle Bramhall

Sharon Jones

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

Monday, June 8, 2015

Scrapbooking time!

My sister and I headed to San Diego for the weekend crop and shop!

The expo was held at the town and country resort, they are working on renovations as the resort is very old and dated, but they are getting her fixed up and hopefully next year they will have a new spa and nicer rooms. We love staying here and this is our fourth time here, with expos and escapes. They have a mall right across the bridge with lots of shops and restaurants, Cheesecake Factory is our fave.

We shopped and dined on Thursday and got down to business of scrapbooking Friday and Saturday. I am almost done with my Scandinavian scrapbook, only 2 more scrapping trips left to get it done.

Next year we are headed to the British isles and Ireland!
The veiw from my room, the resort is beautiful

my frozen page, that was for Estonia, I was so cold!

expo had fun props to play with

too funny

working on her album