Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lake Havasu!!

Charlie driving the boat, and the new hangout Naked Pirate Bar.

Joe's rock is still there in the channel! Mary cruising in the passenger seat!

Me, chilling out! And charlie drinking beer and keeping cool!

Joe driving his Essex boat! Oh and this was Dixie, she was a sweetie that was hanging in the channel!
Oh it was so nice to be back, hanging with joe and mary at the river!
We cruised up river, (or was it down river) the new naked pirate bar to check it out, did not go in as it was saturday morning 7:30ish! Cruised back really slow and parked at the channel all day and watched the boats and drunk people go by, always entertaining!
Went to dinner at barleys and just hung out and relaxed..what a nice time!
Hope to go back in August, maybe charlie and I will buy a boat by then??

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lovin' las vegas

I love the clouds and sky in vegas...these clouds were making thunder today, but no rain.
I walk outside and it is 100 degrees and so warm and cozy. I walk around in tank tops and capris everyday, I never have to put on a sweater or socks and shoes....I never want to leave my blue heaven!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A big thank you!

Not my brisket but pretty close facsimile...I need to send a big thank you out to my friend colleen myler, she took time out of her saturday morning to come over and teach me to cook.
She brought her vacuum sealer, parmasean cheese grater, and cooking apron....she taught me to marinate a brisket, make homemade cesaer salad dressing, parmasean crisps, sauted mushrooms and twice baked potatoes. What a trooper she was!!

We got the brisket marinated and vacuumed the other half, made the dressing and the potatoes and she told me how to do the mushrooms...everything went in the fridge until today when I put the meat in the oven for 4 hours...I took it out and put the potatoes in and started the mushrooms. Chopped the salad...hey big tip here...go buy the salad chopper scissors at the next pampered chef party you go to, love those, makes the salad like a chopped salad, so easy to eat, no more big pieces of salad to try to shove in your mouth!

Got everything done and sat down to eat, It was amazing, everything tasted like a gourmet restaurant, I loved the mushrooms, don't tell my sister, she always tried to get me to eat mushrooms and I thought she was crazy, wait till I get to cook these for her!! Yum-O!!

Charlie really enjoyed everything (he would not eat the mushrooms) the potatoes are a keeper!! I don't think I can ever eat regular baked potatoes after those!!

So a BIG THANK YOU to colleen myler, you give me hope in my little kitchen!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My new skin...
I had to buy a skin for my laptop, my hubby was using my laptop on the kitchen table and I happened to have a candle burning and he did not notice the laptop was close to the candle and it started melting my laptop, so it was scarred. I went on and made my own laptop skin to cover my lid. I figured I might as well promote my shop while I hide my ugly burn fun is that?
So go make your own or buy a premade one and dress up your laptop!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool time!

The pool is open and living is easy....I had my friends jerry and stephanie over to play in the pool today, and colleen mcg stopped by too..we hung out at the pool and ate grilled veggies, for some reason I thought Jerry was vegetarian, so we ate salad grilled veggies and hot fudge sundaes for was a chill out day.
nice and relaxing.
I discovered Mishka on youtube and I just love his song man with a guitar, I bought the album and it is nice music for chilling by the pool, I hope you enjoy it too!!
peace and love to ya....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Steve Tyrell Show

Sunday night we got tickets to see Steve Tyrell at the Golden Nugget, he is a very accomplished singer and music producer, he has worked with many singers and songwriters, but does just as well on his own, he puts on a great little show and I loved his story telling about all the singers he has worked with!
Click here to check out his website: Steve Tyrell

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Night on the town!

Ok, first here is photo of hair, layered and to my shoulders, nothing to fancy!

We left to go to the Bellagio, got to Olives and when I walked in I thought this is not a nice place to eat?? It was windy so we did not want to sit outside, besides there were only about 8 tables out on a teeny tiny balcony and you would have to tip the hostess a 20 to get a table out there then you would have to wait, so they sat us a little table in the walkway in the bar...I looked at the menu prices and decided no way was I going to waste a 200.00 dinner at the place!! I know better places to spend our money! Ha!
So we had a drink and split a ceasar salad and left...out on the floor, we happened upon a real hotspot, a little deli where everyone was eating before they went to see one of the shows there in the hotel, it was so fun because the women were dressed to the hilt and scarfing down ruben and wraps....we sat at a counter and across from us sat a couple who were in town from London, they got a great deal to fly to vegas and see shows for 4 days, we enjoyed chatting with them and the food was wonderful, I had a buffalo chicken wrap and charlie had a chicken ceasar salad, so skip the fancy restaurants and hit the deli for a great dinner at the Bellagio!

We went out to the casino and played a little, then as you wander off and get away from the crowds and explore the shops, you happen upon a dessert bar..naturally I had to have a crepe with raspberries and chocolate sauce and a cappachino, Charlie guessed it...Ice cream, they have little tables against the windows that over look the pool so we sat there and enjoyed our dessert, it was nice and quiet and peaceful, and a nice way to end our anniversary evening!!

I hope you enjoyed my excitement the past couple days, I am so thankful to have been married to a man who enjoys my company and loves to spoil me rotten, thank you to everyone who sent cards and left wonderful comments, it was a very important milestone in my life and I was happy to share it with such wonderful friends through my blog!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 20th!!!

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary, for my years of service and dedication - I got a 20 year anniversary band, 7 diamonds, 1.4 carats total weight! I love it!!

I made him a dvd with music and photos of us, but youtube won't let me share it due to using copyrighted songs, it is not like I would run out and sell the dang video, I am lucky if my friends will watch it! I am trying to upload it else where to share with you. I love making videos with photos and music, I think I do a real good job with them.
Today I get my hair cut and styled for our big dinner date, we are headed out to the strip to the bellagio for a nice lakeside(fountain) dinner!

Copyrighters of the world are cruel, I don't see why you can't play a song with your pictures, I bought the cd's or songs so I should be able to play them. Anyway the video can not be played anymore, you only get a day or two and they yank it. I can play the dvd all I want here in my home so neener neener neener, let them try and take it from me, just try!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rock your World!

Hey got more guitars up in my esty store! Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue! I now have 6 in the series. I have a lot of fun wrapping them and naming them after classic rock songs!
***Side Note** I bought a spot in the father's day showcase on Etsy for Friday June 12th. My guitars will be featured in the showcase so check it out all day Friday!***

Had a fun weekend visiting friends. Friday found me at Colleen Mylers, where her and her hubby cooked me a fabulous dinner of brisket, homemade ceasar salad, twice baked potatoes, wow, it was awesome! I helped her set up her blog and she fed me well for it, yeah that may be my new motto "will work for food".

Today found me at my Peace loving friend Jerry's, I helped her get her ipod all set up so she can download books and listen to them where ever she goes, she fed me a greek salad, I love greek dressing, wish I could of ate more but I was still stuffed from Colleen's!

What a fun and filling weekend, back to exercising on monday, no more excuses!

Hope you had a good weekend, doing what you love and loving what you's the secret to life, you know!

Monday, June 1, 2009


The beads and gemstones I got at the trade shows.
Major bling from a class I took last month, not finished, but they are stunning when finished.

Very elegant bead and wire wrap class I took, love the sapphire!

One of the pages I completed for Ethan's 4-5 year in review book. I spent saturday at a crop in the henderson convention center, Ginger Nelson's crop from Down to Details, she is just one fun lady! There were about 80 of us there!
Well that's what I have been up to...whats new with all of you?