Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rock your World!

Hey got more guitars up in my esty store! Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue! I now have 6 in the series. I have a lot of fun wrapping them and naming them after classic rock songs!
***Side Note** I bought a spot in the father's day showcase on Etsy for Friday June 12th. My guitars will be featured in the showcase so check it out all day Friday!***

Had a fun weekend visiting friends. Friday found me at Colleen Mylers, where her and her hubby cooked me a fabulous dinner of brisket, homemade ceasar salad, twice baked potatoes, wow, it was awesome! I helped her set up her blog and she fed me well for it, yeah that may be my new motto "will work for food".

Today found me at my Peace loving friend Jerry's, I helped her get her ipod all set up so she can download books and listen to them where ever she goes, she fed me a greek salad, I love greek dressing, wish I could of ate more but I was still stuffed from Colleen's!

What a fun and filling weekend, back to exercising on monday, no more excuses!

Hope you had a good weekend, doing what you love and loving what you's the secret to life, you know!

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