Friday, August 23, 2013

Buddy Guy and His Prodigy!

Buddy Guy, the legendary blues guitarist, has been inviting youngsters up on stage with him for years...but one day he invited Quinn Sullivan up and Buddy was blown away by this young guy!
This is Quinn at 8 years old, Buddy is putting him to the test...what is amazing to watch is Buddy watching Quinn play, you can tell this old blues great is blown away by the raw talent he sees before him...

So the story goes, Buddy took Quinn under his wing, he has been mentoring him for years and last night we got to see Buddy and Quinn (now 14 yrs old) play at The Smith Center.....One of the Highlights of my 48 years on this planet....I never got to see my hero "Stevie Ray Vaughan" play but let me tell you he was there last night because no one on or off this earth would have missed the blues that rocked that house to the ground!

Thank you Tanya and Louie for taking me to see the greatest show on earth last night!
Here is Quinn playing My Signature song "Little Wing".....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summertime Concerts!

We saw an 80's concert on the beach at Mandalay bay. Always check for concerts when you come to Vegas at the beach. It is so cool to see shows here! We have seen many and they are all fabulous!
You bring a blanket, sit on a sandy beach, when you get tired of sitting you can get up and walk in
the water, the stage is surrounded by water with gentle waves flowing by....nothing can compare to seeing a band play here!

The 80's bands were Animotion, Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, and many more. We had a blast!

Next on the list:
Chris Isaak! I can't miss him when he comes to town. Always a great show, he is funny and entertaining! We saw him at the Smith Center, the acoustics in there are great for his crooner voice! He played all his greats and then threw in some Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Roy Orbison....Loved this concert! Next up is Buddy Guy and a 14 year old blues guitar prodigy, Quinn Sullivan! Stay Tuned!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Travis's Motorhome Derby!

My son Travis is a Demolition driver, here is his latest derby from OC fairgrounds in California.
He is in the #77 motorhome! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Monday, August 5, 2013

San Diego Weekend!

Got my hubby away for a weekend, we went to San Diego to see the Padres beat the Yankees! Both games!
Although we were so tired from walking around exploring San Diego Saturday we never made it to the game Saturday night, but Friday night was great and the Padres beat the Yanks both nights!

Here is a recap in photos:
Our cheap seats, as high up and in the corner as you can get!

Our view of the game!

The view from my seat when I turned around!

Going to go tour the USS MIDWAY NAVAL SHIP

My Tour Buddy!

I think he is finally getting the hang of this "vacation thing"!!

His new nickname "Chuck Smiley"

I was so excited to find a Tomcat!! My mom worked most her life building and inspecting
 the radar components of this fighter jet!

The Tomcat!

We stopped for a drink and lunch here, fabulous food, garlic bread,
clam chowder, shrimp cocktail, ceaser salad, wine and beer!

One of the street vendors was a rock balancer! Amazing!!
We watched him just pick up rocks and balance them, no glue, no magnets, nothing!

Dinner Saturday night, 2 pound lobster, I thanked him for providing us with a very delicious dinner!!
He was amazing tasting!!

My Drunken Sailors!
What a fun and wonderful time we had in San Diego! Charlie really relaxed and enjoyed himself, I was so happy for him, he works so hard and to get to see him enjoy the rewards of his work is so great!
I must close with this photo, I always loved this picture of the couple kissing after the war ended..they have a giant statue of them in San cool! Kisses for my husband for taking me on these fun little trips, baseball and food and fun..just does not get any better than that!