Monday, March 26, 2018

Vegas Fun!

I was able to get out and see the Bellagio garden display. Tanya drove us out there for my birthday Vegas day, we saw the garden then headed to The Cornish Pasty place for lunch, fun day!
I also went to a cooking class recently, we made a wonderful steak and an arugula and fennel salad with a simple shallot dressing, then we made Bomboli's (Italian doughnuts).

I love living in Las Vegas, where there are many fun things to do and see!

Hope you are enjoying the springtime and getting out and doing something fun, life is made to be lived, get busy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Birthdays are meant to be Special!

It was my special day yesterday...I turned 53.....

I have always believed that birthdays should be special, I don't care much about all the others days of the year, but a birthday...Well, that's a big day.
It means you made it another 365 days in this world.

Today, that is not an easy feat. Life is tough, hard and down right discouraging sometimes, so getting through it should be celebrated!!

I like to make a big deal on my friends and families birthdays as well. I try to spoil them too, most the time I get met with "no no I'm not celbrating, no no its no big deal....Well, to me it is a big deal and I want to spoil everyone else on their big day, so get with the program people!!!

This year my hubby took a day off work and spent the whole day doing what ever I wanted...We played bingo, we had a wonderful lunch, we shopped at brighton, we went to the movies.

It was such a fun day, I am so glad to have such happy memories and a husband that shares in my belief that birthdays are special and you should be celebrated and spoiled!

Here are some highlights of the day:
53 years and still going strong!

Lunch with my guy!

He had a chopped seafood salad, I had grilled seafood platter,,, dang, that was yummy!!

Bingo playing fools!

When I returned home I had flowers from my son and daughter in law, gorgeous!!!

Thank you to everyone who texted, and emailed to wish me a happy day, I had a wonderful birthday, I can't wait until next year to do it all again!!