Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Whew..time flies....

Did not realize I have not updated lately...been busy with spring cleaning and fixing up the house. Getting the yard ready for summer.
We had some pretty bad winds and our gazebo out back took a pretty good hit, it actually looked like a tornado hit it. One corner had been pulled in and twisted, which in turn caved in the center. I thought I took a photo but can't find it. It was getting old and needed replaced, outdoor furniture only lasts 2-3 years here in the desert sun.
I decided to change it up and got a nice pergola instead of a gazebo again. Less framing to get taken out by the wind, and a smaller cover that can be protected so less chance of sun rot....we will see how long this lasts, should do well.

The cover can be retracted to be closed and protected when not in use. 

My view, it has already changed and I will update with more once we finish the yard-scaping!
I decided to make a little cabana type area like you see at the fancy hotels, all I need now is a handsome cabana guy to bring me my pina coladas!

In other news, I went to Vogue Knit show with Tanya....got to see all the fun things I can crochet.
I can make a showgirl costume:
Or a beehive gown:
All in fun....I saw beautiful yarns and wonderful things I can create, it was a fun day. We played bingo, had a crappy breakfast at Red Rocks cafe, I really don't recommend eating there, the service is always horrid and the food is never good there, for some reason...

We headed to the The Christmas goose quilt shop since we were on that side of town and to the big IKEA...then called it a day.

Oh I almost forgot, I have to go online to get some of this gorgeous yarn, it was not a the show and it is the most beautiful gray with a hint of teal picking through...YES! That is my colors!!!

Stay tuned for more fun in the Las Vegas Sun, next Saturday I head to Empty Bowls....More on that later.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A birthday gift for my kitchen....

I splurged on myself....I know, but I did not ask for any Brighton, I just wanted this pot to make fabulous meals in! Yes, a Le Creuset, the 4.5 French oven (dutch oven) but Le Creuset is French...so there you go!
Oh the soups and stews I will be able to master in this pot!

I bought it after taking the British class on making Beef and Ale pies. We used them in class and I just had to have one, plus I got 10% off that day on anything I bought. They are an investment but they will last a couple lifetimes, yes, you have to put them in your will because they will out last you!!

250.00.....ugh!!! But I came home and made my own pies with it!

I wanted to take this class after having eaten the pies in London last year, we ventured to the Sherlock Holmes Pub and they were so delicious!!

Me and my sister in London eating pies!

Cooking the veggies

Ramekins are perfect for pot pies! These are red to match my kitchen,
 and they hold 14 oz. perfect pot pie size!

Must have a six pack of Guinness, one goes in the pies and you must drink one while eating the pie, fabulous!

getting the filling all yummy!

I like ready made pillsbury pie crust, great flavor and so easy!

Heading to the oven...

Goes great with my March tablecloth!

So delicious!

You can take a class at your local Sur LaTable store, just look for British Cooking!
I can probably post the recipe next month when they stop offering the class.....

Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!

You know I love Las Vegas! So for my birthday all I wanted was to go play and be a tourist!
We got a room at Red Rock hotel and casino and just played bingo all day and night Saturday and had a wonderful dinner, our room was spectacular!
I got a nice copper bracelet from colleen, flowers from my son and I am making beef and ale pies, British style, and chocolate cake for dessert! What a great birthday!
The view!

Sweet copper!

My flowers, lovely!!

Made a birthday cake!
My birthday dessert at the steakhouse