Thursday, October 31, 2013

Awesome for Boston!

Oh I am so so so HAPPY for Boston!!
Those boys gave all they had, every bat, every catch, they wanted this so bad for Boston and to prove to the world they were not just a bunch of bearded misfits! From worst to first, they did it!!
Yes! They were walking on air!
I cried happy tears last night as I am sure much of Boston did!!
I was watching the pre game interviews each night
and got to know a little of the men behind the beards.
Gomes, Pedroia, I already know about Napoli.
Gomes suffered a heart attack in 2002, only to come back and become "The Grinder" for his style of play!
Pedroia was told he was to short (he is 5'7) by a scout early in his start, guess that scout had no idea dynamite comes in small packages, what a bunch of amazing catches he made during the series, oh, and he took a huge pay cut just to stay with Boston, because he says  "it is not about the money, it is all about getting to play baseball in a town you love and that loves you!!
And Victorino and Big Papi! What a great group of guys that play hard and give even harder of themselves, together they created a team that surely will go down in the history books not just for winning the world series in 2013 but for being who they are and what they stand for!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Been Busy....

Sorry, I have not forgotten about my blog, just got busy around here.

I had some crafting to catch up on, and studying, and OH YEAH, The world series is on!!!

Having followed Mike Napoli since he started on the Angels, then all the way to Texas, and now I am rooting for Boston, got my jersey on! I can't wait until he can shave that ugly beard off!
I hope they win!

My jerseys!

I loved this intro they played on Game 2 with Denis Leary, he sums up the 2 teams nicely! I guess I would be a Boston fan even without Mike Napoli, gotta love the bad boys! HaHa!!

Hope you are having fun and getting to watch the game with some wine and friends!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Josh and some scrapbook pages!

So to finish up my weekend, I flew home Sunday and had to meet up with Tanya and her Mom, Barbara. Tanya had bought me a ticket to see Josh Groban with them!
I met them at the MGM and we dined on appetizers at the Rainforest cafe. Then we saw an amazing man with an amazing voice, Josh Groban! What a cutie and he talks to the audience between songs and makes some jokes. He had Judith Hill sing with him, she was amazing as well! If you get the chance to see him go for it, you won't be disappointed!
I am adding some of my layouts I made over the weekend, so you know  what I actually do at these scrapbook expos!

I am almost done with my Europe trip, I just need Sorrento lunch, Pompeii, and then some random scenes and the last page! Soon, soon....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Off to see a Wizard and a Doctor!

I had to leave town on Thursday to go to scrapbook expo in Ontario, CA, of course right before I left I had an ingrown toenail go bad on me..but no time to see a doc so I left and soaked it each night in Epsom salt, it held infection at bay until I could get to Dr. Noorda in Henderson this morning, wow, he was really great and had me in, cut, and out in a half hour, used tons of numbing stuff and I did not feel a thing! Great foot doctor!!
The expo was wonderful and the hotel Ayres in Ontario is so nice and cozy.
The theme for Friday was Wizard of OZ and the theme for Saturday was Travel.
A couple girls dressed as the flying monkeys! I worked on my Europe book but still did not finish!
Maybe next crop in March!
It gets really cold in the crop room with 400 croppers they keep the air turned up, so I bundle up,
got my Tanya knitted socks on, they helped a lot!

Gigantor Me holding up Tower of Pisa!

The Flying Monkey girls, they won the costume contest!

Cake pops, they had fudge cake inside, fabulous!

Me and the 400 croppers!
Me, Christy, Betty (our crop executive!) and Mary, Somewhere under the rainbow!

My poor toe, that is Dr. Noorda's signature smiley face on my bandage!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yeah, that's a happy cat!!

So today I am driving to bingo..I try to go once a month with my friends Pat and Tanya, and my radio is playing all these really cool songs and I think to myself you know if more people listened to these songs each morning the world would be a different place, people would be happy and not sad, people would be nice instead of mean..and I thought how can I get people to be happy? With all the violent TV shows and the violent songs on the radio..all the violent games they play, it is no wonder the world is going to hell.....people killing each other constantly...
so here..
mandatory listening each morning and turn off the damn violent TV shows and put on some comedy or comedy movie and relax and enjoy life a little....PEOPLE!
oh and PS I won 160.00 at Bingo with my positive thinking this morning!!! ;-)

Play list: Listen and be happy..damn it!

What the world needs now is love: Jackie De Shannon

Chains of love; Erasure (extra points: raise your hand if you love 80's music!)

Bright side of the road: Van Morrison

I say a little prayer: Diana King

Let it be: Kris Allen

Proud: Heather Small

There will come a day: Faith Hill

Up to the mountain: Kelly Clarkson

BONUS SONG: Brown eyed girl, Van Morrison (gotta say "green eyed girl") NO ONE can be unhappy singing that song!!!!

Oh and if you need anymore help in getting happy just watch happy Ellen clips, like this one:
gets me everytime! Thanks Ellen for making this place a happier place!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vegas day!

If you know me, you know I love Las is my kinda town!
I love to go eat at the restaurants and wander the big fancy hotels.
I got lucky when I found a friend who loves to explore and play tourist in Las Vegas too, thanks Tanya!
We decided to have a Vegas day and go see the Autumn display in the Bellagio garden.
Since it was her birthday the next day I treated her to lunch at her favortie guy's restaurant: Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. She is a big fan of the Flay!
It was a fun day, as usual. If you can make it out to Vegas, go see the Belligio Garden and have lunch at Mesa Grill, you won't be dissappointed!

Tanya got the Mesa Burger!

We both got his salad named for his daughter Sophie, it was so good!

My shrimp tacos, the best shrimp I ever ate!!!