Monday, October 14, 2013

Off to see a Wizard and a Doctor!

I had to leave town on Thursday to go to scrapbook expo in Ontario, CA, of course right before I left I had an ingrown toenail go bad on me..but no time to see a doc so I left and soaked it each night in Epsom salt, it held infection at bay until I could get to Dr. Noorda in Henderson this morning, wow, he was really great and had me in, cut, and out in a half hour, used tons of numbing stuff and I did not feel a thing! Great foot doctor!!
The expo was wonderful and the hotel Ayres in Ontario is so nice and cozy.
The theme for Friday was Wizard of OZ and the theme for Saturday was Travel.
A couple girls dressed as the flying monkeys! I worked on my Europe book but still did not finish!
Maybe next crop in March!
It gets really cold in the crop room with 400 croppers they keep the air turned up, so I bundle up,
got my Tanya knitted socks on, they helped a lot!

Gigantor Me holding up Tower of Pisa!

The Flying Monkey girls, they won the costume contest!

Cake pops, they had fudge cake inside, fabulous!

Me and the 400 croppers!
Me, Christy, Betty (our crop executive!) and Mary, Somewhere under the rainbow!

My poor toe, that is Dr. Noorda's signature smiley face on my bandage!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Looks like another fun weekend with the girls, hey ...where your Tanya knitted fingerless gloves?

Bead and Needle said...

I thought I was smoking something when I saw the Tower of Pisa in OZ...then I went and reread the instructions. Looks like you had a fabulous time...thanks for being a sport and joining us at the concert the night you got back, even when your toe felt like shit! :-) You're the tops! You're the Mona Lisa Pisa...