Saturday, June 28, 2008

Backyard Completion!

Well I think the backyard is finally completed!
We finished hooking up the bbq, put the chairs together, made a fountain, painted the lattice around pool pump, made a place to hang things when people bring all their stuff to the pool, I removed the plumbago (too big and grew way to fast) by the lion and planted some new low maintance plants, moved my tiki man to a better spot.

It took us all day to complete everything, we had to keep jumping in the pool to cool off but eventually it all got completed and it is so beautiful in the backyard and now, and I have a fountian as well!! That was a last minute addition, I had bought the big vase at a yard sale for 20.00, I knew they ran a couple hundred so I snatched it up not really knowing what I was going to do until I saw the fountain pumps at Lowes, picked one up and next thing I know we have a fountain for about 60.00 worth of supplies!! I love it!
Gotta thank my husband for all his help, he is awesome with the electric work and wired the bbq to a plug by the sliding door ran the wire thru pvc conduit right to the bbq and now it works great!


Hard time leaving....

Sorry I haven't posted lately, having a hard time saying good bye to George Michael video, I listen to it every morning having my coffee!
But on to more things....
We are working on the backyard today, hooking up the bbq island, I am making a fountain out of my big pot that I bought at a yardsale for 20.00.
Lots of little projects so stay tuned will post pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


My first shout out goes to my daughter in law AMY who gave me and Colleen Mcgraw tickets to see George Michael at the MGM grand! THANK YOU AMY!! That was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, George was perfect! He sang and danced and the crowd sang and danced, OH it was wonderful! His songs never go out of style. His voice is terrific and you could listen to him all night.....My favorite part was when he dedicated the song Amazing to his partner Kenny.
Love gets me everytime and I don't care who loves who as long and there is love and music in the world - it is a better place to be, so enjoy, this song Amazing by the Yummy Mr. George Michael...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Copper creation!

I have been asked by a couple of my "peeps" to post my Copper piece I made in class last here it is....Fun stuff to work it! We made the copper oval with cut out, then a heart and wire wrapped that on, then added embellishments, I added a silver flower with pink rhinestone (thanks colleen mcgraw for that) then a scrapbook sticker bubble onto a bezel and finished with a silver ball bead at the bottom!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Sale Now!

4th of July bracelets in my etsy shop! go to:
These are fun bracelets! I have 2 small ones (6 1/4 inch wrist) and 2 large ones (7 1/4 inch wrists)! If they sell I can make more!! Wear your pride on the 4th of July!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend fun!

Fun weekend: Made a neato copper piece in jewelry class, went to a wedding at the Luxor, very nice, food was excellent...Congratulations Jena & David!
Today is chores and paperwork at the office with charlie, then maybe some relaxing at the pool.
After the wedding, charlie and I came home and vegged out in front of the tv, we ended up watching the Green Mile movie with Tom Hanks, Geez that was such a great movie!! I love how this is put together with scenes from the movie and a great song...enjoy...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 19th Anniversary!!

Well it is official - 19 years we have been married! Only 365 more days until the big 20!! I get to countdown now and shop for a new wedding set, well maybe, I get attached to things and I love my little wedding set that cost us 600.00 19 years ago, it never gets in the way and it fits well on my small hand. So maybe I will ask for pebbletec in the pool next june instead of a new diamond ring, pebbles are in the stone family! Hee-hee!

So here is a song to celebrate...whenever this song comes on the radio I love how Charlie sings it to me, and how he even does the Temptations dance moves, all this while driving the truck! It is adorable and I want him to know I love him so much more!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Stuff!!!

Well, this has been a very expensive 2 weeks!!
I go buy a bbq island and then the racecar gets smashed and the 2nd qtr taxes are due...Geez, when it rains it pours around here, speaking of which, wasn't it fun to get the dark clouds and rain yesterday, imagine that rain in Las Vegas!! Then back that up with blue skies and hot and sunny....come home from work and jump in the pool weather today !! It is so freaky living here!!

Ok, on to more important things, first the bbq island, it is 8 feet long and has a 28 inch grill, paper towel holder, light, refrigerator, lights under the bar, umbrella hole. I still need to find 4 chairs to go with it and an umbrella.

The new RaceCar:

And my new silver art clay spinner ring, I made!!! The part with the hearts spins around, it is so cool, I have a little chip I have to fix but Wow this is a cool ring!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sad Sunday and more!

The racecar got caught up in a wreck last night, Joe is okay all the safety equipment did their jobs! But the car is junk!
So hubby is in the garage covered in grease, salvaging what he can of the pieces, he will update his blog tonight hopefully with photos and the whole story, so check my hubby's blog tomorrow sometime, the link is to the right under "gotta check out these blogs".

The pool is sparkling clean again, all levels are normal and it looks fabulous!
I will be in it later with my hat on and a pina colada in my hand working on my tan!

We will be staying in for the next month to make up for the bbq island and the racecar parts he will need to buy to put her back together. So no boulder station mexican food or casinos or restaurants for awhile, gotta stay home and cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the new bbq!

On to some photos: here is the cuff I have poured hours and hours of work into I love it but it is way to big for me to wear, I am heartbroken but I will scale it down and make another for sure!

Here is a peace sign piece of art Jerry B gave me for my birthday, I love this piece to death, I can't thank her enough!!! and look how wonderful the cuff fits and goes with the hand, they were made for each other!! So this is the first piece of art you see when you walk into my studio!