Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bucket lists and more....

I checked off another item on my bucket list!
My sister and I ventured to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!
We stayed right on the banks of the Erie Lake at the Double tree by Hilton Hotel.
Great place, everyone was so friendly and nice.
We could walk to everything, but they will shuttle you too, to the downtown area where there is shopping and restaurants galore near the baseball stadium.We did use the shuttle to have dinner at Flannerys Pub on Saturday night, I had my first Reuben sandwich, wow, that was yummy.

The hall of fame was so cool, lots of music icons and they had a whole section dedicated to John Cougar Mellencamp, which they rotate periodically, featuring other stars....I thought it was very fitting that Mellencamp was highlighted while me and christy visited because he was the first guy we started our concert trips with, in the early eighties. We would we hit every JCM concert we could and had so much fun singing his songs, then we found Chris Isaak and hit all his concerts,  and now we see tons of concerts together! So very cool on that note!

We walked and shopped and had a great lunch of Margaritas and chips and salsa at Nuevo Mexican restaurant right on the pier outside the Rock Hall...I highly recommend eating there if you decide to go to the RRHF, We bought a deck of music trivia cards and played them while we ate, it was fun!

It was a little chilly at 42* but we were keeping warm with the margaritas! Tried 3 different kinds, House, Cranberry (very good) and mango. The chips and salsa were fabulous and the salads were so good!

Well, it is back to the grind, we are still working on the backyard, I did add a new addition, his name is Diego and he is the cutest donkey you will ever meet!

Ok stay tuned for more fun in the sun...we will be opening the pool maybe next week! Yahooooooo!!! Bring on the summer sun!!!

Remember to do what makes you happy, live in the moment, you never know when your moment will be gone.....
Me and Janis are here to tell you to Rock On Everyone: