Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lake day...

Charlie and I watched Ethan on saturday and sunday, we decided to have breakfast at blueberry hill for pigs in a blanket, ethans favorite, then head off to walmart for some cat litter, water, and gatorade, yeah the basic essentials...then we decided to take off to see the lake or what is left of here are some photos of the sunday morning excursion...
Wow, the water is so low!
Boys love to throw rocks!
Grandpa and ethan checking out the view!
Looked down a cliff and saw a rescue van in the water.... is ethans hot wheel in the shore!! hahahaha!
               Too cute dressed alike wading in the water!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

No news is good news...

just keeping busy working on various projects, Spring is here, which means Summer is coming up, oh I can't wait to uncover the pool! Hopefully mid May we can take the tarps off. We need a new pump and a new crawler and then we will be ready for another season in the sun!
My spring cleaning project will be to remodel my closet, it is a is the before shot:
What a mess..I am online looking for ideas..I hope to have this resolved soon! I am thinking more shelves, my sweaters should be folded not hung, and my jeans, all 50 pairs may need to be folded too, so shelves all around and bins for purses and hats...suitcases will go in the attic...hmmm, ok off to find inspiration!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in Black...

Last night was another tribute band concert at the Hilton, this time we got to hear some old AC/DC music, I loved it! This is what I spent my teenage hood listening to..BonJovi, AC/DC, Guns and Roses.
This band was called Bonfire and they were very good! Since we may be attending more of these concerts, here is a little background, they are put on by Jerry Greenberg, he is an American Music Executive, who at 32, was the youngest president of any major record company in the recording industry and received that title in 1974 as President of Atlantic Records.

Jerry has signed such acts as ABBA, The Blues Brothers, Foreigner, Genesis, Niles Rogers, TS Monk, Whitesnake, Roxy Music to name a few!
So now Jerry goes out and searches for cover bands, he chooses only the best of the best,  gets them to sign to the this concert series and then on wednesday night we get to go out and enjoy a little mini-concert that is almost like the real deal, that is, if they are a good enough cover band, so far Which one's pink (Pink Floyd)and Bonfire (ac/dc) have been the best!
Bonfire played last night and they rocked the house, the audience was loving it and so were we, Me, Tanya, and Erin.
It makes for a fun night out with some great music!
Since I got a little Thunderstruck last's some AC/DC to get your thursday morning rocking:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My bowls!

Here are the 3 bowls I bought today... It was a fun day for chili and bowls and for helping feed the hungry!
The selection was amazing..check out for more facts and photos about this interesting and charitable event!

Empty Bowls...

I am attending this function today, I hope to come home with some cool bowls and I hope to fill some hungry bellies!

Nevada Clay Guild Annual Empty Bowl Benefit Luncheon & Auction

Helping to Feed the Hungry in Las Vegas
10th Annual
Empty Bowl Benefit
March 20, 2010
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Green Valley High School Cafeteria
460 Arroyo Grande Blvd. (just North of Warm Springs Rd.) Henderson, Nevada
Adults: $15 Children 12 & under: $12
Each spring since 2000, Nevada Clay Guild members and friends have donated hand-made ceramic bowls for the Las Vegas Catholic Worker Empty Bowl Benefit. People are invited to choose their own unique bowl and enjoy a luncheon of soup and bread. Many people buy multiple bowls for gifts. It is a great family event with live music and fun for kids.
Live and Silent Auctions of original ceramic, fiber, and painted art are featured.
All proceeds from the luncheon benefit the Las Vegas Catholic Worker soupline, serving the poor and homeless.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Went back to the Hilton to see an Aerosmith cover band, called Aeromyth!
Tanya, Erin and I met up and ate dinner in the cafe, nothing to write home about, very bland coffee shop food. Then off to the bar for a glass of wine, then we took our seats, 6 rows off the stage, center! Nice, wish I had those for "Which one's pink" show, (remember John Stack!) anyway they started off a little rocky and I thought "oh this is going to be bad", but then they picked it up and by the end they were pretty convincing!
We noticed Kid Rock in the audience and after the show we sat there and let the crowds out, once we got up Kid Rock was standing 2 rows back getting his photo taken, Erin wanted hers so her and Tanya tried to get closer to him, I walked up a few more rows to wait for the groupies to clear and Kid looked right up at me, I smiled and he smiled back at me!! Whoo-hoo! What a sweetie! See sometimes running up and mobbing a celebrity is not what it takes, just hang back and give him space and he'll notice!
Cool Beans!
What a fun night out!
Thanks for making my night Kid...Here's lookng at you...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's day!

I should go play bingo today..I have green eyes! That's lucky, right?
Well, have a great day and drink a green beer for me! I am off to see an Aerosmith cover band tonight with Tanya and Erin! I will let you know how they are tomorrow!
Have a very happy green day! Here are some photoshop brushes just made for today!
You can get them from

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank you to everyone who made my 45th special!

My birthday gifts, they are all so special and wonderful! The hat was a gift from Tanya, she makes flowers out of silk ribbon, she made this one special with my favorite colors teal/blue/aqua and brown and attached it to a really cool hat! I am going through a hat phase right now!
She also made a fabulous peace sign purse, I will photo that seperate but you can check out her blog for a picture of her amazing work
I got so many gifts from friends near and far, thank you all!!

But the best gift was a birthday breakfast with my good friend Colleen who has a lot on her plate right now, but she took time out to make me feel special and loved, Thank you C, it meant more then you will ever know!

My friends bring me more joy and laughter then anyone could ever wish for!
If you don't have friends like this, run out and find some, take classes, join clubs, get out there and meet people, you may just get as lucky as me and find the best friends in the world!
My is heart is overflowing with Peace and Love and Thankfulness!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

OH MY 45!

Well, here I am at 45! I took a self portrait with my new camera and I even photoshopped it! Wow, I look like a celebrity now, hahahaha!! Look out Demi Moore!
Charlie took me back to the Paris, I just had to have those ravioli's again! Then we played some games and called it a night!
Yesterday, I played bingo with my friends, and was showered with gifts, a fabulous hat with a handmade flower, a super charming bracelet with everyting me on it (pat k) and a super duper handmade one of a kind peace sign bag by designer Tanya G.
I also got gifts from Travis and Rebbeca, Mary Nolan-Riegle, Debbie A, Margaret mominlaw, Mary flores!
I will have to take photos later as I have to get on the run, busy day today!!
Happy Birthday to all my Peaceful Pisces people today!
And THANK YOU to all my friends who shower me with love and goodness and goodies!! You are fabulous!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Fling!

We had a spring fling up in Henderson with Ginger Nelson with . Mary Nolan-Reigle came in and Debbie Altman was here, we went out to dinner Friday night to the claim jumper, Charlie's treat! We had a fun time drinking and eating! Then it was off to the Fiesta Casino for a little gambling and sleep! We woke up to coffee and Denny's then headed off to the Henderson Convention center for the scrapbooking Crop that started at 9:00am. We arrived, got our table and found we were seated with Beth and Laura, to wonderful sisters! Beth was working through the passing of her beloved beagle, Nick, and made the most beautiful page to enter in the page layout contest that was themed LOVE.
I entered a page as well but Beth took full honors and won First place with her tribute to Nick! We all shed tears and smiles and I know it was very helpful to Beth to get through her grief! Saturday early evening Mary wanted to buy me a birthday dinner so we hopped in the truck and ran over to the Macaroni Grill for some much needed pasta, thanks Mary it was delicious! Then it was back to scrpping until 9:30pm!

We headed back to the casino at 9:45 pm and Debbie was off to gamble, me and Mary decided a margarita was in order after a long day scrapping. We got to bed late and slept in, then we got up and had champagne brunch and crab legs for breakfast, then Mary was on the road back to california.
First time Deb and Mary have met each other, I have known Debbie 27 years and Mary 15 years!
Me and Mary!
Debbie, Beth, Mary, Laura and Me..(Yes, I am wearing my fingerless gloves, it keeps me warm!)
Mary scrapping!
Deb scrapbooking!
It was a real fun weekend! I still have to go play bingo with Debbie and take her to the airport by Tuesday so we are still running like crazy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday early!

Yesterday, Tanya and I went to the ASD trade show at the Sands expo. It is a big show where buyers can purchase clothing, jewelry, gifts, to re-sell in their stores. Having my resale license allows me the opportunity to get in and maybe buy some items at wholesale (dirt cheap).
We found many cool items and got to see the latest trends that will be hitting the stores soon!
You can't buy too many things being a small fish like me, as most sellers have minimums 200.00 or more and you have to order big quantities, but some places let you do cash and carry.
It makes for a fun day!
Charlie decided to show up and have lunch with us, as he was looking for items to put his racecar business on Well, he was down in the toy and gift section he came upon a man selling guitars, and he bought me this acoustic for my birthday gift!
How thoughtful is that? He knows learning to play the guitar is on my bucket list.

Off to find a guitar strap and some lessons! See you all soon, with more exciting news form Las Vegas!