Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Fling!

We had a spring fling up in Henderson with Ginger Nelson with . Mary Nolan-Reigle came in and Debbie Altman was here, we went out to dinner Friday night to the claim jumper, Charlie's treat! We had a fun time drinking and eating! Then it was off to the Fiesta Casino for a little gambling and sleep! We woke up to coffee and Denny's then headed off to the Henderson Convention center for the scrapbooking Crop that started at 9:00am. We arrived, got our table and found we were seated with Beth and Laura, to wonderful sisters! Beth was working through the passing of her beloved beagle, Nick, and made the most beautiful page to enter in the page layout contest that was themed LOVE.
I entered a page as well but Beth took full honors and won First place with her tribute to Nick! We all shed tears and smiles and I know it was very helpful to Beth to get through her grief! Saturday early evening Mary wanted to buy me a birthday dinner so we hopped in the truck and ran over to the Macaroni Grill for some much needed pasta, thanks Mary it was delicious! Then it was back to scrpping until 9:30pm!

We headed back to the casino at 9:45 pm and Debbie was off to gamble, me and Mary decided a margarita was in order after a long day scrapping. We got to bed late and slept in, then we got up and had champagne brunch and crab legs for breakfast, then Mary was on the road back to california.
First time Deb and Mary have met each other, I have known Debbie 27 years and Mary 15 years!
Me and Mary!
Debbie, Beth, Mary, Laura and Me..(Yes, I am wearing my fingerless gloves, it keeps me warm!)
Mary scrapping!
Deb scrapbooking!
It was a real fun weekend! I still have to go play bingo with Debbie and take her to the airport by Tuesday so we are still running like crazy!


Colleen said...


It looks like you chicks had a wonderful time - you're my kind of girl - crab legs for breakfast!!!

It was great to see Debbie again - what a wonderful friend like Carla is to me and now we could include that crazy friend, Tanya!

Tanya said...

Oysters for lunch...crabs for breakfast! Sounds (and looks) like you party girls had a GREAT time - tell Debbie to travel safe tomorrow...and, that it was so nice meeting her. XO Your "crazy friend", Tanya