Saturday, March 13, 2010

OH MY 45!

Well, here I am at 45! I took a self portrait with my new camera and I even photoshopped it! Wow, I look like a celebrity now, hahahaha!! Look out Demi Moore!
Charlie took me back to the Paris, I just had to have those ravioli's again! Then we played some games and called it a night!
Yesterday, I played bingo with my friends, and was showered with gifts, a fabulous hat with a handmade flower, a super charming bracelet with everyting me on it (pat k) and a super duper handmade one of a kind peace sign bag by designer Tanya G.
I also got gifts from Travis and Rebbeca, Mary Nolan-Riegle, Debbie A, Margaret mominlaw, Mary flores!
I will have to take photos later as I have to get on the run, busy day today!!
Happy Birthday to all my Peaceful Pisces people today!
And THANK YOU to all my friends who shower me with love and goodness and goodies!! You are fabulous!!


Tanya said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie! 45 looks good on you - great picture!

mom said...

45? My baby daughter can't be 45...I'm only 32!
Love that picture, send me an enlarged photo I can frame. Happy Birthday!


Colleen said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!

I know I told you Happy Birthday yesterday but thought I would again tell you! Great picture - very sexy in it's own way!

Talk to you on Monday!