Saturday, November 29, 2008

Busy Busy...

Got all my snowmen in the house now! Been decorating all day, I still need to pick up a new tree, ours lost its lights last year so we are buying a new one this year.
So did anyone go out for black friday shopping? Is that not just insane - killing people to go shopping?? I stayed in and shopped online, bought us a new fridge! Got a maytag with the freezer on the bottom, should be fun and exciting, trying something new, hey, you been married 20 years a new fridge is as exciting as it gets, hahahaha! I spent a week researching them, decided I wanted to try this freezer on the bottom and one big door on top, and after living with this side by side door thing I am ready to send it to the junk yard, I just hope this fridge we have holds out 11 more days, the motor sounds like an old 57 ford truck that won't shut down when you turn it off!
Rained for the last couple days, that was nice change, so that's all the news from Vegas, hope to have more exciting news soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope this turkey day finds everyone happy and humble, be thankful for what you have, so many others have not.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Precious....

Oh yeah...I made this ring a couple weeks ago in class...I love came out kinda celtic!!
It is my favorite for precious.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A worthy cause...

I have been following the story of the vick dogs, the horribly abused dogs from the football player who is in prison for his crime against these poor animals. I am not normally a dog person, they never seemed to like me and I was scared of them for years, but we have had a few good ones, (lacy and woody)...and my sister has had some real sweethearts that won me over, (calvin and cujo)...well, this wine company has had an artist paint portraits of the vick dogs and put them on wine labels, the money will go to help the dogs, they are in Utah at best friends shelter getting the help they need to become healthy and hopefully rehabilitated so they can have loving homes.
Anyway if you want to buy some wine for your favorite wine lovers this christmas and give to a good cause at the same time please go to:
Dog Lovers Wine Club

Also in the giving spirit, Mandy has put a site on her blog that allowes you to give free food to animals by clicking on the link everyday!

Thank you!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scrapbooking must haves!

Ok I do not have any photos yet of our crop, debbie took all the pictures so I must wait for the meantime, I learned of some new fun tools for all you scrapbookers out there, the first is a new tape runner gun...
Oh this is SWEET! You have tons of tape to use and you get a fun gun to alter and decorate, I love this site for buying one as she has them already painted for you, green, purple, pink..I ordered a green one, to match my eyes of course! It is on its way thanks to Sue over at Go order yours today, it comes with 3 refills too!

The other item I found was a clikit tool from karen foster, neat way to add eyelets and more, I can see embossing on copper with this tool for jewelry making!
I also want to buy a crop in style P3 paper tote!!But they are no longer being made and they are going for astronomical amounts on ebay, but wow, what a great way to travel to crops with paper, I will keep searching until I find one!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey sorry I have not posted, debbie is in town and we have been running around like crazy! Spent all day saturday at sunset station at a scrapbooking crop, stayed the night, good thing cause we were up till 1:00am gambling! No big wins though!
More running around today, she heads home tuesday...
Be back soon with photos and more!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jewelry class...

Here it is, wow, that pendant is pretty is much better in person, it is all 3-d, the peace sign sticks up and the border around the piece frames it then you have the word on its own sign, it was a fun piece to make and yesterday I strung with turquoise and coral and silver, I can't wait to wear it next summer! A whole set! I will be keeping this set for myself!
Ok back to work...