Saturday, June 30, 2007

Restaurant review

Last sunday we went out to the green valley resort and saw the pirates of caribbean 3 (it was ok the 2nd one was best) and then had dinner in the coffee not eat dinner in the green valley resort coffee shop, it was terrible, the place was beyond freezing inside, I am not sure why restaurants insist on keeping the air so cold it makes it miserable to eat, I understand it is 115* outside but we are inside, the temp should be 79* not -10* below zero! So my sweet husband decides to order a cup of soup for me so I could warm up, the soup was cold, gee I wonder why?? Maybe because there was ice crystals were forming on the air conditioning ducts?? So we tell the waiter and he stands there and says oh I am sorry. period. He does not say "oh I am sorry let me go heat it up" Charlie finally says you can have it back we won't be eating it...and the guy says ok and removes the bowl. We should have left then but no, we forge on. The steak sandwich was leather and had nothing on it but bread and onions??? That is not a steak sandwich! Charlie had the turkey dinner, it was dried up turkey and the bread they served it on was so hard he could not eat it, even after trying to soften it with gravy.
So -no stars for this place!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

At the beach.... love this piece...I took a netted cabachon class with colleen and then finished the necklace on open beading day....made another one today so I will post that when I am finished with it...Saturday is silver art clay where we will make a guitar pick that is real cool!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

BackYard shelters completed! Here is the finished project, we started about 3 months ago and just finished last weekend the day before our pool party. It really makes the yard look seculeded and nice, we no longer see the two story houses behind us and that makes such a difference.  Now we have the next 3 months to enjoy our pool.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in blog world..I like it here and I am not leaving!

You will get information from our little spot in the world, places to go and places to eat here in Las Vegas, you will also get to see a ton of artsy craftsy stuff that I do, I love scrapbooking and jewelry making. So sit back grab some coffee and prepare to be put to sleep as I lead a simple little life here in sincity......