Monday, September 9, 2019

Photo from August Scrapping Escape, the theme was Mermaids, so we hoped in the fountain for our photos shoot. This at the La Jolla Marriott, which is a fabulous place! We just love it here!

Christy and I took a cooking class at Sur La Tab while in La Jolla, we walked down to the ocean, it was a beautiful day!
me and tree by the sea


These Pelicans were playing with this stick and kept toss it around and grabbing it from each other, was amazing to watch.

Steak, Salad, and fresh handmade Pasta, it was so good!

Playing catch up!

Ok Let's see if I can get this going again....I am only going to have my blog and my instagram. I will not do a stamp blog or facebook...that way I can focus on my blog, which I dearly miss...

Having a blog is like a diary and I can print out each year and have it documented in a book form.
It will be my legacy in case anything should happen to me. I wish I had scrapbooks and written memories from my mom and grandma to look back on but I don't. So I will have my blog for my kids and grandkids, it has my recipes, my adventures, and my life lessons for them!

I won't try to remember everything since January, but I know I had scrapbooking trips and some trips to Arizona and plenty of pool time this summer.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Welcome to 2019

Here we go, I miss my blog, and I am ready to start posting again.
I have lots to share as I am stepping up my cooking game with challenges and classes and more!
I also have my crocheting to share. One of the things on my bucket list I need to get done is learning to knit, so I am hoping that will happen this year.

My Christmas was quiet and I came down with a cold, so it was quiet boring.

Here are some highlights of the past 2 months I have been missing:

My sister at expo

Me at expo
We finished our fence
I made Christmas cookies

I had dinner with Michael Symon

I am getting lots of updates on my grandson and he is getting so big and handsome!
I will see you soon, I just finished January's bake challenge with Sally's baking addiction, stay tuned for more!