Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Devils and Angels!

We had to run down to orange county to attend Merissa's 16th birthday party, that is Joe and Mary's grand-daughter. She wanted a masquerade party so I ran over to the party place and bought devil masks for me and charlie.

We drove in friday afternoon and ran over to see the angel game, we had great seats, we spulrged for diamond vip seats since this was the only game we were going to be able to see all year. Very nice seats, private bar, in seat service, great food too! I had a black and blue wedge salad, it had blue cheese dressing on a wedge of lettuce and sliced steak, wow, very tasty, charlie had the nachos, they were wonderful too! They had some very refreshing margaritas, made with triple sec, orange juice, el jimador tequila!
I was able to go down to the field and stand about 40 feet from Mike Napoli!! That was exciting! I had my Napoli #44 jersey on and Charlie had his Deguevara #9 jersey on!

Saturday found us at the party, we laughed and had a great time visiting and celebrating Merissa's birthday!
I made her a dvd using photos Mary had sent me, I think she liked it! We have known the Flores family about 15 years now! They are like family to us and we love them very much!
Merissa and Mary!
We drove home early Sunday morning so I could attend Tanya and Colleen's birthday party at the House of Blues Gospel Brunch, that was very interesting, I know Tanya and Colleen enjoyed themselves and their gifts, it was a very fun filled weekend!

Tanya and her gifts!!

Colleen and her gifts!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Charlie took the racecar to Irwindale over the weekend so Mary NR, decided to come out to visit, we did a little shopping, had a fabulous dinner at Japonais in the Mirage and saw The Love show (Beatles Cirque du Soleil show).

Our shopping adventure:
We were in the market for compact printers to take to our scrapbooking expos, we were comparing the Canon Selphy and the HP compact..the HP won out, it is an amazing little printer and now I no longer have to go to Costco, I can print right from home! Costco did a lousy job on my Alaska photos by the way!
This restaurant was amazing, we had a tempura plate with shrimp and veggies, then some salmon sushi, I love that stuff! Then a little skewer of skirt steak! Everything was melt in your mouth delicious! I would love to eat there again, the food was small portions and light, just right for going to see The Love show afterward!

This show is so wonderful to watch, the music is great and the whole vibe is spectacular! I highly recommend it!
What a fun weekend it was!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jewelry and a new tattoo!

I finally finished a bracelet from beading class, I am struggling with this beading, I really enjoy the projects and the classes are wonderful, it is just that I am not fluent in beading. I struggle each and every time...but I really stayed on top of this one as the bracelet is so gorgeous and I really wanted one of my own to wear! Called ladies ladder, done in greens/aqua purple and gold. I really like it!

One more exciting bit of news...
Tanya's daughter, Jaci, is a very talented artist and has found a place to finally start tattooing. She will be working out of Skin Factory on Horizon Ridge in Henderson.
I asked her for an old school clover tattoo with lucky banner, she really took a new spin on old school, I loved her design and was able to get it inked today!
I would like to thank Tanya and her mom, Barb, for taking time out of their day to hang out with me while Jaci worked her magic! A big Thanks to Jaci, I really love it! It is just what I wanted, for years I searched for just the right clover, she nailed it, and I could not be more happy with it! I have it on my upper right shoulder blade, I will take a better photo when it heals but this is how it looked today! So dainty and sweet!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cher and BBQ Pulled Pork!

Ok, now that I have your attention, let's just say these two items are fabulous!

First off - I got to see Cher again at Caesers Palace! Oh jeepers, she is so over the top entertaining! She talks to the crowd, changes her clothes twenty something times, sings her heart out and gives us a glimpse of the early days of Sonny and Cher through videos and home movies! Love it, love it, love it!
Thanks to Tanya for grabbing the tickets and thanks to Colleen and Jerry for going along and having a fun dinner and a terrific night out on the town!

Second part- I have not been cooking much due to summertime in Las Vegas means it is too hot to cook or eat, so you just rely on restaurants or delivery of pizza! But it has started to cool down so I finally made something new and posted it in my cooking blog, click the link on the right. You won't be sorry!

I wanted to show a photo of Cher wearing the jeans outfit she wears during her performance, but could not find one, she looks amazing in jeans! I can only hope at 64 I can still wear jeans and look that good in them! Haha!
Just added!! I found the costume photo of her in her jeans outfit, I must get this outfit for next summer! Well I will skip the wig, I am not blonde material!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Takin' it to the streets...

Or Long Train Running....My Favorite song, must be that harmonica in it..oh, look for a harmonica necklace inspired by the Doobie Brothers in my shop coming soon...

My music loving friends snagged Doobie Brother tickets at the last off we went!
Colleen, her hubby Greg, Me, and Tanya, (Erin was awol)!

Wow, I forgot how many Doobie Brothers songs I like! But listining to Classic Vinyl station on my sirius has really been great, I hear all these great bands from the 60's and 70's, when people played their own instruments and had to sing with their real voices! This band has great harmony, like the Eagles...we all wondered how the Doobie Brothers would sound without Michael McDonald's superstar voice...Let me tell you they had no problem rocking that concert hall last night!! They sounded amazing and the guitar playing was so good, at one point John McFee was playing a Steel Guitar, wow, the sound was so blues infused!

That was one of the best concerts I have seen!
Thanks for calling and pulling me away from my sunday nap, and thanks to Greg for driving!
Until next time, keep on Rockin' down the Highway.....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Blues...

The end of summer is almost here...I miss my pool already!
Not much happening here, Charlie is gearing up the racecars so they can race a couple more times before the end of the year.
I am working on some jewelry projects, maybe I can photo them today so you have something to look at!
Fall will be here and I will be pulling my boots out again...seems like I just took them off and now it is time to put them back on....yeah, I am a little depressed when summer is ending, I need the sunshine to keep me warm and happy. I will try to cheer up today, maybe I will have a better post tomorrow!
Stay tuned, things are bound to improve!