Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jewelry and a new tattoo!

I finally finished a bracelet from beading class, I am struggling with this beading, I really enjoy the projects and the classes are wonderful, it is just that I am not fluent in beading. I struggle each and every time...but I really stayed on top of this one as the bracelet is so gorgeous and I really wanted one of my own to wear! Called ladies ladder, done in greens/aqua purple and gold. I really like it!

One more exciting bit of news...
Tanya's daughter, Jaci, is a very talented artist and has found a place to finally start tattooing. She will be working out of Skin Factory on Horizon Ridge in Henderson.
I asked her for an old school clover tattoo with lucky banner, she really took a new spin on old school, I loved her design and was able to get it inked today!
I would like to thank Tanya and her mom, Barb, for taking time out of their day to hang out with me while Jaci worked her magic! A big Thanks to Jaci, I really love it! It is just what I wanted, for years I searched for just the right clover, she nailed it, and I could not be more happy with it! I have it on my upper right shoulder blade, I will take a better photo when it heals but this is how it looked today! So dainty and sweet!


Colleen said...

It is really hard to see the colors so can't wait to see it in person - that is one of my favorite bracelets - I made 3 of them!!!!! Make more!!!!

Your Tatoo! Good for you if you like tatoos - as I texted to you, I have my own tatoos-they are called bruises!!!!!

Tanya said...

Jackie - the bracelet is BEAUTIFUL...yes, it ROCKS!!!! Great job, chica!

And, "ouch" on the tat! :-) You little lucky girl!