Friday, September 10, 2010

Cher and BBQ Pulled Pork!

Ok, now that I have your attention, let's just say these two items are fabulous!

First off - I got to see Cher again at Caesers Palace! Oh jeepers, she is so over the top entertaining! She talks to the crowd, changes her clothes twenty something times, sings her heart out and gives us a glimpse of the early days of Sonny and Cher through videos and home movies! Love it, love it, love it!
Thanks to Tanya for grabbing the tickets and thanks to Colleen and Jerry for going along and having a fun dinner and a terrific night out on the town!

Second part- I have not been cooking much due to summertime in Las Vegas means it is too hot to cook or eat, so you just rely on restaurants or delivery of pizza! But it has started to cool down so I finally made something new and posted it in my cooking blog, click the link on the right. You won't be sorry!

I wanted to show a photo of Cher wearing the jeans outfit she wears during her performance, but could not find one, she looks amazing in jeans! I can only hope at 64 I can still wear jeans and look that good in them! Haha!
Just added!! I found the costume photo of her in her jeans outfit, I must get this outfit for next summer! Well I will skip the wig, I am not blonde material!

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