Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vegas Info!

Some of you traveling to Las Vegas tend to collect jars and jars of loose change to try your luck on the slot machines, well, unless you are going downtown to the old casinos, don't bring your change to the newer casinos. (and since I have not been downtown in awhile not sure if you can still take change there).

Deb saves up her change all year for when she visits, she had a big baggie full, we went over to sunset station casino, and although I knew the machines no longer take change, I thought you could still go to the cashier and they could turn it into bills. Nope! We were turned away and told we could go to a coinstar machine (usually in supermarkets) or nevada state bank to cash it in.

Knowing the coinstar machines take a nice little chunk for themselves, I took deb to the nevada state bank on nellis and tropicana, they have a machine in there that is free to turn your coins into bills, they take no cut! So you dump your change in and take the ticket to a teller and you walk out with greenback!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deb Visit's!

Debbie arrived for her annual visit Friday. I dropped Charlie at the airport and picked her up. Charlie was headed to california to go ocean fishing with joe flores on his ocean boat. Debbie and I have been keeping busy all weekend scrapbooking, eating at the olive garden, gambling, and we got pedicures too!! Same things we do every year! The hot water heater is broke down so we have to hang out here monday to get that fixed. She heads home tuesday and will be off to Hawaii in october!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Whew, I have been slacking off on posting my class projects...I did the silver art clay watch band..I still need to add beads to it to finish the band but the art clay part is what we made in class, everyone did a spectacular job on them!! I love mine and can't wait to find the right beads for it!! The small beaded bracelets are peyote stitch in the round shape, too cool! Love that I made red white and blue! The wire cuff was today's class, Colleen's sister Denise taught it, wire is not for the weak, it was tough class but worth it as my cuff is one of a kind and fits only my wrist!! Nice stuff!! I am excited about Septembers classes, some great stuff coming up, but I still have 2 more classes next week and open bead day to finish up some projects, so stay tuned...other then that it is work work work and jump in the pool when we get home!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Restaurant review #2

Friday night we decide to try a new restaurant, I had been here for a luncheon but Charlie had not.
Ventano's on Horizon Ridge and Arroyo Grande.
Nice place!! Italian food....Love it!
We started with an appetizer of shrimp served on a hot granite tile. Highly recommend this!! Wow, it was sizzling shrimp and the granite stayed hot!!
The bread they serve is yummy with the oil and vinegar.
I had the ventano spiedini, which was chicken breaded and stuffed with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, charlie had what the waiter recommended not on the menu but the chef was famous for...adobe chicken and shrimp, charlie liked it had a teriaki flair to it. The people were extremely nice and friendly and fun, and the atmosphere was wonderful with windows for a view that looked over the entire las vegas valley and strip.
This place gets 5 stars and I can't wait to have that shrimp appetizer again!! It may just replace a shrimp cocktail in my book!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Charlie and I had to be up by sunset and marks last night so we decided to try out THE SPORTING HOUSE on the corner of stephanie and galleria drive.
We thought this would be a great place to go watch sports and eat some dinner.
We entered and told the hostess we wanted to have dinner not go to the bar so she put us in the dining room. We were the only ones there in a large room, they had plenty of tv's on but no sound instead they had very loud alternative rock music on. When the waitress walked up we asked please turn down the music and turn up a tv that had sports on it (remember we are in a sports place) It sounded like we were in a mosh pit or hard rock club.
She returned with our drinks and said I told the manager about the music. But still it is loud, we have our drinks and wait for our food, we ordered meatball sandwich minis and cheesesteak minis with fries. Our food arrives and we explain that the music is still tto loud and we would like to watch the football game...we are in a sports place!!! She says ok I will tell the manager (uh thought you did that already?) Remember we are the only ones there still and they could not cater to their only customers. We finish eating all while listenening to some guy scream and yell and say the f word while attempting to sing very loud.
finally the manager shows up, young guy of course, he must be the head banger in control of the music. We tell him the music is way too loud for the dining area and while explaining this my husband must have said shit or damn and the guy had the nerve to say please don't curse sir...oh I lost it...I said way a minute you just played a song that said the F word!!!!
We left dinner was on them!!! Don't ever step foot in this establishment and don't think you will get to watch sports in there either!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Interesting stuff

I added a link to Black Thunder Racing to my "blogs to read". Black thunder is a motorcycle that charlie's brother in law owns, they live in new zealand and have come to america to go to the bonneville saltflats to try to break the land speed record on a motorcycle for new zealand!!
They shipped the bike over in a crate to our house and then they arrived to use our motorhome to haul it up to the flats, they are there now and Alan will attempt the record on sunday, but read his blog for up to the minute information and to see all about this super fast speedbike!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Antique Store finds...

Today Colleen McGraw and I went to the antique mall of america on las vegas blvd over by the south point casino, we wander around and found some fun stuff, I was searching for china to smash for an upcoming jewelry class, it must be cheap stuff but with a neat pattern, after all I am going to break it up! So here is what I found...a sign to hang out by the pool, a plate with a bee, dragonfly, butterfly on it (has great breaking potential) and a pretty blue cup and plate and Colleen actually found that great glass bowl with blue ceramic pedestal for starting my random bead bowl collection (every craft room needs one!) love that! Then we went to the casino cafe for lunch, I had a hamburger served with tortillas instead of a bun, wow, what a concept, I hate buns even on hot dogs so this works fine for me and I will start using tortillas instead of buns! Better stick to breakfast food when eating there, was not the best cafe food. then we stopped at Napa valley pottery and found some cute cat doorstops for 5.00 (sorry forgot to take a picture of that).
Class tomorrow for some bead work.... Oh I changed my blog to a better layout, this one has room for the slideshow and if you scroll down to the bottom of this page I am going to add some music randomly, just neat songs I find and I like, so make sure to check out the bottom and remember you can click on my photos to make them large and you have to click the videos twice in the center to make them play! Have fun and if you make a blog please share, I get bored reading mine all the time!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Derby King!

Well, there's my son in the middle of all that! Car number 23! He followed his father into the Demolition Derby world. He actually tied for first in this derby and got 750.00 and a first place trophy! Way to go Travis!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ok, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical.....charlie heard billy bob on the radio talking about his upcoming show at the green valley resort ovation lounge, and charlie calls and says let's go see him, it sounds like he plays some funky blues country music and he sounds like a fun I jump on the computer and got front row seats for us...put on a sleazyshirt,tight jeans, and boots (that's what a billy bob concert calls for right?) and went to see billy bob sing....Wow! he was good...nice music, fun banter with the crowd and he even had a answer question session where we could ask him about his movies or could tell he was himself and he is someone you could just sit and hang out with and talk too....I was impressed....see this is one of my big things: "never judge a book by it's cover" and I must apologize to billy bob because I was a little guilty of that yesterday. So I'm sorry and I really enjoyed the show! I know he's a very good actor, I loved bad santa and I loved astronaut farmer, so he can go one extreme to the next, and make sure you see slingblade, he wrote that himself!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh No!

Ugh! How can it be august already?? I am already dreading the end of summer...I have not had enough time in my pool yet....Go away you evil winter spirits!! Some nights we get home and jump in the pool and it is so nice to see Charlie relax like that, I think he is starting to really love my pool. Must squeeze every drop out of summer I can...

August will find me at more jewelry classes and my friend Debbie will be visiting at the end of the month, we will sit around and scrapbook, play bingo, eat too much....and just enjoy our long friendship, let's see..I met her when I was pregnant with Travis, I guess that will be 24 years we have been friends!
I am going to try to find the time to redo my slideshow to incorporate the multitude of things I make and not just jewelry, I know you all must be getting tired of me shoving it down your throats, but it is so rewarding to wear something you made with your own two hands!
I will try to work on that today...