Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Antique Store finds...

Today Colleen McGraw and I went to the antique mall of america on las vegas blvd over by the south point casino, we wander around and found some fun stuff, I was searching for china to smash for an upcoming jewelry class, it must be cheap stuff but with a neat pattern, after all I am going to break it up! So here is what I found...a sign to hang out by the pool, a plate with a bee, dragonfly, butterfly on it (has great breaking potential) and a pretty blue cup and plate and Colleen actually found that great glass bowl with blue ceramic pedestal for starting my random bead bowl collection (every craft room needs one!) love that! Then we went to the casino cafe for lunch, I had a hamburger served with tortillas instead of a bun, wow, what a concept, I hate buns even on hot dogs so this works fine for me and I will start using tortillas instead of buns! Better stick to breakfast food when eating there, was not the best cafe food. then we stopped at Napa valley pottery and found some cute cat doorstops for 5.00 (sorry forgot to take a picture of that).
Class tomorrow for some bead work.... Oh I changed my blog to a better layout, this one has room for the slideshow and if you scroll down to the bottom of this page I am going to add some music randomly, just neat songs I find and I like, so make sure to check out the bottom and remember you can click on my photos to make them large and you have to click the videos twice in the center to make them play! Have fun and if you make a blog please share, I get bored reading mine all the time!

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Mandy said...

Great finds! Love, love, love your bead bowl! I've got to start me one of those.