Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitchen Items

I wanted more of a vintage feel in my kitchen, so I found this old chalkboard in Etsy and grabbed it, I hope it arrives soon!

 These little cuties, were found by Tanya on an antique trip with her mom, she named them Quackie and Chuck, they are very old from occupied Japan. Too Funny!

Here is a vinyl wall quote I found at Joann's on clearance, I love it!

I love my kitchen! It is still a work in progress but I am thrilled with it so far!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The winter blues....

Really, I am fine with the seasons changing, I do not have the winter blues, yet!
Actually, living in Las Vegas, you do get all 4 seasons.
In California, you really don't get the seasons, you get overcast and rain, overcast and rain, smog, oh, and then you might get sunny for a day....Trust me, I lived there for 36 years!!

So, on to why I named this post winter blues: TA-DA!

I made a purse! Well, I had to get some help from the purse guru, Tanya, but I really tried to do it all by myself. It is an Amy Butler Pattern called Birdie Sling, and I would say a medium level pattern, you have to quilt the bag, add pleats, box the corners so I am not thinking easy. I am speaking from a not so great of a sewing person (beginner). For an experienced person, super easy, probably!

I am so excited to be sewing again, it is so much fun! I will still make jewelry for my Etsy shop, because I love having my own little store! I don't think I will be selling purses though, you really need to be a perfectionist to sell sewed stuff!
I have so much more to share this week so stay tuned!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The yuckiest day of the year....

Today is the first day of Fall. I hate this day of all the days of the year.

I am going to try and be happier but I really enjoy the warm weather of Summer.
Fall only marks the beginning of the cold season.
One good thing, I get to wear my beautiful cowgirl boots again!
All 8 pairs or however many I am up to now!
And Cowboy Christmas is just 2 months away, where I will get to choose a new pair for under the Christmas tree!! Oh Joy!
Thanksgiving will find good food on the table and Christmas will find new boots under the tree!
Hmmm, maybe Fall ain't so bad after all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cajun Chicken Pasta!

Oh mamacita! I made Pioneer Woman's pasta recipe tonight, I had issues, let's just say I had issues, but my hubby came to my rescue and it was fabulous!!!
You must make this dish!!
All the details are on my cooking blog!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pizza means LOVE!

My work of Art!

I made homemade pizza tonight, it is all on my cooking on the link on the right side column. You won't be sorry.
I was checking recipes on pioneer woman blog and she was giving away one of her custom mixers by I went to the website and found this god I would give up, uh, I would give up, uh, something for this mixer!!!
But it was a promo she did for a company so it is not for sale: Yes, I cried...
This would look so good in my kitchen, I can't stand it!!!

Ok, I am over it...check the cooking blog and make homemade pizza dough and pizza's for dinner tomorrow night, you won't be sorry!! It was divine!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is not funny...

Ok, this had to have been the shortest summer of my life! Where did summer go?? Bring it back, Dang it!!

Rain Rain Rain

Downpour over the patio cover! Like a waterfall!
 Tuesday it started thunderstorming and raining...which is cool, as long as I can stay home and bake and cook and clean. I did have to go to work at noon but it had died down by then. We had our bedroom window open all night and woke up a couple times to heavy downpours. The weather is cool in the low 70's. Today much of the same, very cool, and raining off and on.
I miss the sunshine feels like california to me, yuck!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I did not get a chance to get online and post about 9/11 yesterday, I was busy running around all day doing this and that, running errands, shopping etc...
But let me just say...THANK YOU to everyone that keeps this country safe and free, so I can have days to run all over town and to get up each morning and go outside and take pictures of the desert clouds rolling by....Yes, Thank You, Thank you very much!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elvis show!

The Elvis Show
Last night I ventured out with Tanya and her mom, Barb, we went to see the Elvis cirque show at the Aria. We started out at Margaritaville with Charlie and dinner,  then just us girls headed to the Aria to check it out. It was not a very user friendly place, very crowded and hard to get around in. I like hotel/casinos that have a theme and a route so you can eat, play and find your room...the Aria was just one big mess, it actually felt like an international airport terminal! Very modern and contemporary. Yuck!

We got to the theater, it was actually very beautiful inside, the show was really good and highlighted Elvis's life in song and dance and acrobatics, the only weird part - when the dancers/acrobats dressed up as superheroes and jumped around to "Gotta a whole lotta love" that was strange and needs to be replaced. I loved watching the old movie pieces of Elvis and Pricilla together.

Well, another fun night with two fun people! Thanks for hanging out Tanya and Barb!

Oh, I got an Elvis lunch box for 5.00 in the gift shop, gotta love clearance sales! Barb brought 2 little pigs for my kitchen from Colorado, Thank you Barb!!
Boxing kittens and Piggies!
Lunch box/Junk to jewelry class box!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September already!

Where did summer go???
I am trying to enjoy my pool but fall is creeping up too fast....
I decided to come home from work and soak up a few more rays of sunshine before it leaves for the winter....
I just love the view from where I sit on a sunny afternoon!

Monday, September 5, 2011


I made doughnuts this morning...check out my cooking blog
(link on the right, click on cooking blog photo)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well, it is about time!

Ok, I have been cleaning and organizing my craft room, it's an obsession, I know, I have a problem, let's not discuss it...I have two folders I keep on the wall for organizing my paperwork, on is all the trips I take the other is for misc. stuff, reciepts, important papers, address sheets, stamps for birthday cards and my mailing labels...well, last night I decided to scrapbook up the here is a little of my scrapbook work, I love scrapbooking but it is odd that I never really share it on my blog..??? So I have decided to start sharing some of my scrapbooking with you...I will try to post more, maybe a favorite layout a week that I have made?? We will see, but for now, here are my folders, I just love them!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Barry Rocked the House!

My friends had been teasing me about going to the Barry Manilow show, I told them, "no way would I go see Barry Manilow" but then everyone was going and talking about how great it was, and I thought well OK, I will go and see it, just so I can say "I saw Manilow" when he had a great run in Vegas.

Charlie and I, Tanya and Colleen ran up to the Paris and saw the show, Charlie was not happy but sat along with us. I have to admit Barry Rocked the House! It was a great show, I am so glad they talked me into going to see him. If you get the chance go to the Paris (my favorite hotel!!) and see Barry, he tells his life story in song and it is so cool, who knew!

Colleen was kind enough to sit with me at while I ate my favorite meal at LeProvencal restaurant, Yes, the brown butter raviloi's!! YUMMMY!! (recipe can be found on my cooking blog) Tanya was not able to get there till later and Charlie wanted pizza, so thanks Colleen for sitting with me and having your salad and water...I love those ravioli's!!

Have a great weekend!