Sunday, August 23, 2015

Working and playing...

We are really busy at work so nothing good to post lately...I work, jump in my pool for a little exercise each day, make dinner, watch some comedy on TV (big bang theory, mike and molly, reba)

I did learn to make salmon from my friend Mary, and it is so easy, I never knew how to cook fish. I love it, it is so good. Just spray a baking sheet with non stick, place your salmon fillet on and top with butter and dill and lemon pepper, bake for 15-20 minutes and BAM, it's done. I bought my salmon at Costco and got 6 fillets out of one slab! I saute some spinach and serve to myself because racing has begun again after summer break, and the hubby is not home most nights. Quick and easy dinner for myself.
salmon-baby-spinach-300x184.jpg (300×184)
Not my pic, but you get the idea...Yeah,I need to add lemon next time!
I am working in the backyard today, waiting for our new fence to be built and moving the BBQ for more room to cook, we need to build more shade cover over the BBQ area as well...will post pictures when I get it all cleaned up!

Hope your summer is going great!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Concert Summer Fun Summer Sun

My sister came to visit for an amazing concert and to lounge in the pool for some much needed vacationing....
Christy with her beer goggles on!
She finally gets to relax and soak up some of my Vegas sunshine!

View from our room, you can see MGM where we walked to for our concert!
We started our mini vacation when I picked her up at the airport and we checked into the beautiful Mandalay Bay resort, it was a Saturday, we got to our gorgeous room unpacked and headed down for some lunch, we ended up in Ri Ra Irish Pub in the shops at Mandalay bay, so glad we did, we had fun talking with the waiter who was from Ireland and telling him that we were going to be going there next May, loved the accent, will be fun to talk to more Irish people next year! The food was very good, potato and leek soup and a sandwich. I must go back for more of that soup!

After that we headed back to the room for  a quick nap, at 4:00 we woke up and walked to the MGM, did a little shopping and got to our seats, with drinks and a pretzel we settled in and waited for Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to Rock our world...YES, we were there to see AEROSMITH!!!
phx_mus_20150613_aerosmith_jimlouvau-40.jpg (1024×683)

They put on quite the show for us, our favorite was Steven popping out of the floor with a piano singing Dream On!!! Oh it was so great!!

Christy took this picture from a bridge, great shot of the strip after dark!
We walked back from the concert and crashed. The next morning we checked out, had breakfast at the MB cafe.

Back home we jumped in the pool and bbq'ed, drank too much wine and laughed and swam the night away.

Monday we went out for Mexican food, and Tuesday we made French bread pizzas. Wednesday Christy headed home. We had a fun time for sure!

Before she left she made a new chalkdoor design!

That is awesome!
I started some construction, I have wanted this wall to come down for some time, so Sunday I picked up the sledgehammer and went to work, once Ethan and Grandpa got home, Ethan wanted to help, and what 11 year old boy wouldn't want more then to swing a sledge hammer and tear down a wall?? Needless to say, all I had to do after he got there was clean up detail!

We will have the fence guys come back and add the fence and gate for this side, as you know in Vegas you keep your pools locked and fenced, far to many children die in this town due to unnecessary drownings!
Having a gate here will make getting to the outdoor kitchen much easier! Nice!!
Stay tuned for more fun in the sun.....Happy Summertime!