Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I added Ferne's tastefully simple website to my Shopping links on the right, You can order right there and it ships right to your door, the foods are really good, my favorites right now are the Almond Pound cake, the orange dream chiller (smoothie) and the bbq sauce!

You can click on any links over there and be instantly transported to somewhere else, don't you just love the internet!

I have been a little busy but will have some photos up soon of jewelry and other stuff, going to the bead show in phoenix this weekend, and we will take in a diamondback baseball game while we are there so stay tuned for more fun!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry been busy!

I would like to thank my friends for coming over to the Tastefully Simple party I had Thursday, we tried new stuff, I love their Bbq sauce and Orange smoothie drink mix!!
I will put Ferne's website link on the blog as soon as she gets it to me so if you would like to buy some stuff you is quick easy food mixes that taste great.

Other news....we are getting the pool ready, I have to clean the filters and test the water and wait for the temp to come up some more, we did not realize how long it would take to heat up such a deep pool, 5 ft to 12 ft, so we just have to keep the solar cover on until were are up to temp, I like 80 and over, charlie can go in 75ish but I can't. brrrr.

Ok off to get more work done today on the scrapbooks and put more jewelry in my etsy shop!
Have a fun saturday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Music for ya...

I wanted to share some rolling stones with you and when I came across my all time favorite stones national anthem song put to a video of the relationship of pam and jim from the office, I knew it was the one to share...not only do you get a great song but you get the highlights of the office, a show which I am a big fan of, now that the biggest loser is over (yeah for ali!!!! is she tone and trim or what!!) I will be watching american idol and the office every week anyway, here you go- this is a great song to put on your work-out playlist as well, I am on my treadmill everyday now and this song really gets me walking....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta Share...

I know I am supposed to be scrapbooking...but I wanted to share some jewelry I have made in the first part of the month, the first photo is charm and chain, I love this one but can't decide what shirt to wear it with...can't seem to find the right fit to go with it..ugh, I hate being a fashion flunky....the 2nd picture is a copper flower, oh that is so much fun to play with, I have said it before, cutting copper and coloring it is FUN, and we even soldered a little with that piece. The earrings were my birthday gift from Mandy and they just matched the copper flower so perfectly I had to share them too!! That was a strange thing, she bought them in San Francisco and when she got back we had the class so the matching was not planned!! I love it all!! Ok.. back to scrapbooking!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Demolition Man!

Here is a picture of my son and his derby car....he has too much fun!! He had a derby saturday night in california, and charlie and his son, Joe, raced here saturday night, Joe could have gotten 2 nd but the car got disqualified in tech and Travis had carburetor problems and got a 6th place finish, but that's racing folks, sometimes you win somwtimes you lose!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have to set the jewelry aside right now and focus on scrapbooking, ethan turns 4 May 18th and I have to get his scrapbook done by then and his dvd for 3 to 4 years old.
Here are some pages so far...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guitar Hero!

Ok, I Love to wire wrap stuff! I bought this guitar at the show, it is dichroic glass, something I would like to learn to make, but you need a kiln and a ton of glass scraps to play with and molds! Maybe someday! But for now I will buy these real cool pieces and wrap them up!
I may sell this one in my shop because I used it to practice, the coolest guitar is the one I kept for myself...wait till you see it! I need more wire though so stay the meantime enjoy:
Guitar Hero 1

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Glass and bead expo

I went to the southpoint friday and spent the day with friends shopping at the glass and bead expo. We shopped, I bought silver art clay, lampwork beads and clasps for my jewelry.
We took a break and went to lunch at the yard house in the town square, it was good, I had the fish and chips. Then we went back and finished the show till they shut the doors!
I have put more jewelry in my etsy shop so go to and check it out!
Remember Etsy is for handmade stuff only, you will get quality stuff but you must be willing to pay for it, the artists put their heart and soul into each piece! Trust me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April happenings

I have 5 classes this month, craft club meeting, the desert newcomer luncheon!
Charlie and joe are in full swing at racing for the championship this year, if you want to read all about that check out my hubbys blog at
My son, Travis, is getting geared up for Demolition derby's and all those fun races he does, I am hoping he gets a website or blog soon so I can I share that with you!
I am working on getting more stuff on etsy to sell and finishing up some scrapbooks. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time for a change!

I had finally filled my brown hair up with too many highlights so it was time to start over, we got a dark brown with a little red thrown in for fun!