Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry been busy!

I would like to thank my friends for coming over to the Tastefully Simple party I had Thursday, we tried new stuff, I love their Bbq sauce and Orange smoothie drink mix!!
I will put Ferne's website link on the blog as soon as she gets it to me so if you would like to buy some stuff you is quick easy food mixes that taste great.

Other news....we are getting the pool ready, I have to clean the filters and test the water and wait for the temp to come up some more, we did not realize how long it would take to heat up such a deep pool, 5 ft to 12 ft, so we just have to keep the solar cover on until were are up to temp, I like 80 and over, charlie can go in 75ish but I can't. brrrr.

Ok off to get more work done today on the scrapbooks and put more jewelry in my etsy shop!
Have a fun saturday!

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