Tuesday, July 28, 2015


OK this is very rare....my husband actually took a Thursday afternoon to a Sunday off...I can usually get a Friday to Sunday out of him but a Thursday, no way...
it all started when he decided he wanted to Ethan our 11 year old grandson ocean fishing...we had to drive to San Diego on Thursday, check in to hotel, dinner, sleep then get up at 5:00 am, get to charter boat and go half day fishing then back to hotel for Friday night- Petco park Padres baseball game...then Saturday morning get up go to the Midway naval ship tour back to hotel for Saturday baseball game, then sleep and home for Sunday.

Yep, it worked out fine...
we got to San Diego in 7 hours, checked in at the Hilton Bayside hotel, went to dinner at the Fox bar and grill, very good food, sleep, and then the boys got up  and went to the charter boat, I slept in, ordered room service, coffee and breakfast sandwich , then went to Spa for facial and manicure then the pool , got back at 3:00 just in time for them to get back and tell me Charlie caught a 27 pound tuna, a record catch for the boat....We went to dinner at the spaghetti factory to celebrate, then to the ball game.. fun!!

Saturday the boys headed to the naval ship and I went shopping on the seaside village, once they got back we all went to the ballpark and watched the Padres win again...back to hotel and up at dawn to drive home....
it was very special weekend...We all had so much fun!
View of Petco Park

More Views!

View of the bridge and ocean, Fabulous room!!

Yummy Popcorn shrimp

My coffee and sandwich

Sitting on the dock of the bay! Having coffee and watching the boats leave!

Ethan and the boat they fished on.

Fun at the Game!

Walking the board walk back to the Hilton.

Waiting for the boys to get back enjoy the views!


27 pounder!! It is vacuumed packed and sitting in the freezer! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That time of year...

Had to turn in my little corolla because my lease was up, she was a good little car. But it was time to pick out something new, I needed my sirius xm radio and navigation, because I love music and I am always getting lost. We chose the Rav4, xle. Comes with a sun/moon roof and the entune radio system that gives me lots of music options and the navigation system if I need it.

And it came out to be 30.00 less a month, only 165.00! Awesome, I love saving money at every corner. Leasing is the way to go for me, little or no down, low payments, then you can still buy the car at the end of 3 years with what is left that you owe, or you pick out a whole new car to drive for the next 3 years and they do all the maintenance! Win, win!!

Friday night found us at the Linq for dinner and drinks and ice cream, we ate at the Yardhouse, then walked around for awhile and people watched, I love to stop and listen to the people playing their guitars and singing for tips, I had one guy sing You can't always get what you want by the Stones, it was so fun, people started stopping and dancing and they really enjoyed the music, so fun!

Hope everyone has a fun week filled with all things Happy!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our annual pool party!

My family (my sister, my son and his wife) came to town Sunday through Tuesday for our annual pool party tattoo shopping extravaganza!
We picked them up Sunday at 3:30, they were do in at 12:30 but United Airlines had other plans so they got here late, we went to Claim Jumper for dinner, then home to relax in the pool.

Monday morning we took off to the outlet mall then stopped at Downtown Tattoo to get some ink...after that we went home to kind of go in the pool, due to the tats we had to refrain from swimming, Travis did not get one as he is waiting to get a big octopus done on his shoulder. We made okie tacos for dinner and drank lots of wine and beer and just hung out.

Tuesday morning we went to breakfast at Hash Hash A GoGo, very good food, then we took off to see the lion habitat but when we got there it was closed, we saw a giraffes butt though! We took off for the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. We had lots of fun wandering around looking at the sea creatures, we left there and went to Town Square to do some shopping and walking, then it was back to the pool, we relaxed until it was time for them to leave, which again United Airlines decided they wanted them to leave at 11pm instead of 8pm!  We had lots of fun on our adventures, I can't wait for next year's pool party extravaganza!
Christy at Downtown tattoo

Rebecca got her rose fixed, looks amazing!

Christy got her favorite children's book character on her back, Ferdinand the happy bull!

I finally got my favorite saying, we all know I am a lover not a fighter, and if the whole world would
join in, it would be a great place to live!

Ethan stopped by to play in the pool with Uncle Travis!

Rebecca's Pancake at Hash Hash

Travis got Chorizo Hash

Thanks to my family for coming out and having fun in my Las Vegas sun!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mondays Chalk!

My Pantry Door, see you next week with a new inspiration...

Chalkboard door...

I was going to use my pantry door for grocery lists, menu list, etc...but I tend to use notepads for all my lists and charlie kept forgetting to write things he needs on the door, so now I will use it for decoration. Each week I will draw a new message on the door, here is my first attempt:

My pantry door

There are so many designs to choose from on pinterest, I may do this one next:


Maybe this one:
The more you practice chalkboard art the better you get, so I will upload my next drawing this week.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe fourth of July. We had a wonderful time at our friends house, eating, drinking and playing in their pool!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The beast....

Well it is in and working fine... I call it the beast...it is massive....wish they would come in a smaller size but I love the little ice cubes and the crushed ice...I think I need to go grocery shopping, I took one drawer out of the inside since we have the deli produce drawer, I am keeping butter and cheese in the inside drawer...it is going to take time to get comfortable with it..but we have ice and a fridge so all is well with my little kitchen....