Monday, July 6, 2015

Chalkboard door...

I was going to use my pantry door for grocery lists, menu list, etc...but I tend to use notepads for all my lists and charlie kept forgetting to write things he needs on the door, so now I will use it for decoration. Each week I will draw a new message on the door, here is my first attempt:

My pantry door

There are so many designs to choose from on pinterest, I may do this one next:


Maybe this one:
The more you practice chalkboard art the better you get, so I will upload my next drawing this week.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe fourth of July. We had a wonderful time at our friends house, eating, drinking and playing in their pool!

Happy Monday!


Tanya said...

Love that door, but how come when I write on there, you erase it? ;-) Nice job on the artwork of the day, Chica!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Life seems so crazy right now, we need to get together...looks like you have lots of room in that new fridge.