Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer happenings....

We took a little vacation to Arizona, wow, it was hot there!

We had 2 baseball games at Arizona diamond backs stadium, they really need to build that stadium here and get LAS VEGAS A BASEBALL TEAM!
It is a fabulous stadium, they can open the roof or close it, so when it is blazing hot in the summer the roof is closed and it is a wonderful place to see a ballgame in air conditioned comfort!

We also got to go to Rebecca and Travis baby shower, we started the day going to the 4d ultrasound with lots of friends and family there to see little Levi before he arrives in the real world, he was a little grouchy and did not want to smile for us, little booger already! We did get a little picture but I wanna wait to show you him in real life!! UGH, this grandma can't wait, only 1 1/2 months to go!!!
 After that we headed to the baby shower, it was a fun time had by all, fun games and good food and pool time with some adult beverages!

We headed home but not before having a Sunday breakfast at this great cafe we found, the food was so delicious! Try out "The Breakfast Club" if you end up in downtown Phoenix....fabulous!

Other than that we have been staying home and relaxing in the pool a lot.
Summer nights we have the telescope out to see the moon and stars, pictures down below....

I hope everyone is having a great summer, I am going to start back up posting some great recipes I have been finding and trying, got some good ones, so stay tuned!

Masterchef had a cheese souffle challenge, so here is mine, nailed it!

Playing in my craft room with watercolors

I will be sharing this recipe for firecracker chicken, it was so good!!

The moon through the telescope

Jupiter and it's moons

Levi's first baseball t-shirt, many many more to follow!!

The Breakfast club sandwich, it has a little horseradish sauce on it too!
I Love Love Love that sandwich!

The 3 bellies!

Lots of goodies for Levi, let's see if we can spoil him rotten!!! Hee-Hee!!

Breakfast before going home, I miss you all already! Well, the big guy in red I get to take home with me!!

Frozen margarita at the ball park, we had a great little vacation!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Break...

Well, I am enjoying my summer and took a little break from blogging, I am posting on instagram and having fun with that, #creativecatjackie.

I am doing a lot of cooking, classes at surlatable, playing in my pool, and making cards and jewelry for my etsy shop, I hope to have it filled up for the up coming holidays, yes, we have to think of them as they will be here before you know it!
cast iron skillet cookie

Best book ever!

Teriyaki chicken thighs! So good!!

Saw this happy fellow walking around his mansion!

Summer thunderstorms brewing

I love the summer clouds!

I love to light the torches and sip a glass of wine and watch the bats fly around, bats are good, they eat the mosquitos!

Got our telescope out to view the moon, love the craters!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Summer!!!!

My favorite day of the year!

I love summer...I love being able to walk outside in just a tank top and shorts...flip flops and sandals, even if it is midnight!!

Yes, it can still be 100* at night time!

I crave the warmth, I hate being cold, I look happy and healthy when I am basking in the sunlight...

So today I celebrate Summer!

Going to make BBQ cheeseburgers and homemade mac and cheese for dinner.

I have to get my car detailed, I am turning it in tomorrow, my lease is up and I get to drive out with a new car! Going to stick with my Toyota Rav4, it is a great car, big roomy cargo space, love the power lift gate.

So happy summer, enjoy the sunshine and I will see you back here soon with more adventures from Sunny Las Vegas Nevada!

My Rav4 I got 3 years ago, she's been good to me!
The perfect summer outfit!
The perfect summer meal!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy #29!!!!

Wow! 29 years Married!!
Dang, that's a long time.....

We still work together, and we still have date nights. We still go to bed at the same time, no one sleeps on the couch. We hold hands, we say I love you, we compliment each other daily.....We make each other laugh....
I think it is the little things that are the glue to holding a marriage together.

If you get mad, talk it out and resolve it and forget it, don't hold grudges, get it out of your system or it will fester into something you don't want to mess with, that stuff dissolves more marriages than I can list!

So here we are 29 years later:

I love this man, he is so good to me, and for me, I hope we get a billion more years together.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scrapbooks and cake!

Just got back from a scrappinescapes weekend in San Diego, so fun and relaxing...

I just love the LaJolla Marriott, the food is fabulous, I could just go and eat all weekend then float away on the ocean like a little whale....hahahaha....

It is Patti's last time as host, she is busy selling houses in California, so something had to give, but she found new hosts, Lisa and Jennifer, so let fun continue!

Steak Sandwich and Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Fries!
My favorite Riesling by the fire pit, Chateau St. Michelle

Christy having a glass, Cheers!
They had a photo booth and props! I'm a viking! Christy is the queen of the crop!
I made the shirts that Christy and I are wearing, they say "It's all fun and games until you run out of adhesive" which any scrapbooker knows is the worse thing that can happen at a crop!
I will start selling my shirts and other scrapbook goodies in my etsy shop:

When I got home my hubby's birthday was on Tuesday so I baked him his favorite Devils food cake with chocolate frosting, used a stencil cut from my cricut to decorate it:
Keep creating and enjoying the everyday moments......

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer is almost here!

Been busy getting the pool ready, I should be able to jump in this saturday!!!

Taking my cooking classes once a month, sometimes two if I get a good sale price.

I have made some pretty yummy things:

Surf and turf tacos!

Made a vinyl signage for my pantry door!

I need to get some recipes on here, but I am off to breakfast with a friend this morning so hang in there, I will be back with something yummy for you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Busy cooking, cutting, creating!

I am making fun things, staying busy in my craft room, spring is the worst time for me...I have allergies and the wind loves to blow in April and May here in the desert, so I keep busy indoors. Just waiting for the summer sun to shine down on me.....

Fun friends card!

Fun Birthday card

For the new grandbaby!

Tuscany cooking class from Sur la table.

Made this on a whim, wow, can't believe I made that!
cinnamon raisin braided loaf from Jennie can cook on youtube.

Yes, this is my shirt, made for me by me....I always have a hot cup of coffee in my craft room!

We loved this dinner, shrimp boil, that was delicious, this came

My scrapbook shirt for my next retreat, ugh, running out of adhesive is the worst thing when scrapbooking!