Monday, July 30, 2018

Summer happenings....

We took a little vacation to Arizona, wow, it was hot there!

We had 2 baseball games at Arizona diamond backs stadium, they really need to build that stadium here and get LAS VEGAS A BASEBALL TEAM!
It is a fabulous stadium, they can open the roof or close it, so when it is blazing hot in the summer the roof is closed and it is a wonderful place to see a ballgame in air conditioned comfort!

We also got to go to Rebecca and Travis baby shower, we started the day going to the 4d ultrasound with lots of friends and family there to see little Levi before he arrives in the real world, he was a little grouchy and did not want to smile for us, little booger already! We did get a little picture but I wanna wait to show you him in real life!! UGH, this grandma can't wait, only 1 1/2 months to go!!!
 After that we headed to the baby shower, it was a fun time had by all, fun games and good food and pool time with some adult beverages!

We headed home but not before having a Sunday breakfast at this great cafe we found, the food was so delicious! Try out "The Breakfast Club" if you end up in downtown Phoenix....fabulous!

Other than that we have been staying home and relaxing in the pool a lot.
Summer nights we have the telescope out to see the moon and stars, pictures down below....

I hope everyone is having a great summer, I am going to start back up posting some great recipes I have been finding and trying, got some good ones, so stay tuned!

Masterchef had a cheese souffle challenge, so here is mine, nailed it!

Playing in my craft room with watercolors

I will be sharing this recipe for firecracker chicken, it was so good!!

The moon through the telescope

Jupiter and it's moons

Levi's first baseball t-shirt, many many more to follow!!

The Breakfast club sandwich, it has a little horseradish sauce on it too!
I Love Love Love that sandwich!

The 3 bellies!

Lots of goodies for Levi, let's see if we can spoil him rotten!!! Hee-Hee!!

Breakfast before going home, I miss you all already! Well, the big guy in red I get to take home with me!!

Frozen margarita at the ball park, we had a great little vacation!

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