Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Break...

Well, I am enjoying my summer and took a little break from blogging, I am posting on instagram and having fun with that, #creativecatjackie.

I am doing a lot of cooking, classes at surlatable, playing in my pool, and making cards and jewelry for my etsy shop, I hope to have it filled up for the up coming holidays, yes, we have to think of them as they will be here before you know it!
cast iron skillet cookie

Best book ever!

Teriyaki chicken thighs! So good!!

Saw this happy fellow walking around his mansion!

Summer thunderstorms brewing

I love the summer clouds!

I love to light the torches and sip a glass of wine and watch the bats fly around, bats are good, they eat the mosquitos!

Got our telescope out to view the moon, love the craters!

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