Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dining room is done!

My date for counter install, should be May 4th! Next wednesday! Yahoo!
But for now...the dining room is done! Freshly painted and only my porcelin/enameled signs are up. I have room for a couple more in case I find some that I can't live without next time I am out antiquing with the girls!
I bought a bottle opener for charlie's beer, it was red and white so I could not resist, we mounted on a blank plate that holds phone cords that we no longer need as we do not have a house phone! I covered the chairs with a nice red and white plaid last night, Charlie is really impressed by the whole kitchen redo! I am really loving the red in here!
I have a scrapbook thing this weekend so stay tuned for more fun in the sun and in my new kitchen!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy 5k Easter!!

Well, I did it! I trained for it on my iphone using couch to 5k app, it took 9 weeks but this morning I ran 3.107 miles at 4.5 mph, A 5k!
I have a new piece for the kitchen, the valance. I had to commission Tanya to sew them, I just did not have the time or energy with all the work I have been doing around here....

How cute is that valance?? The fabric is little cherries! Thank you Tanya, I owe you a few more breakfasts and lunches!
The painting is pretty much completed! Whew, I hope I never see another paint brush as long as I live, but the dining room is a nice crisp white, I will start hanging my signs tomorrow. Photos to follow! Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Break!

Charlie surprised me with tickets to see Santana last night! Wow! I had told him that Santana was in his last leg of shows here in Las Vegas and perhaps forever, he may be retiring for good. And that I had never seen him live, So when I got home from getting my hair done, just a cut and a little color. Charlie took me out to dinner (claim jumper) and then over to The Hard Rock to see the show.
The music was wonderful, but if you expect to hear Carlos sing, forget the high price of the tickets, he only plays his guitar and he has 2 other guys singing for him. But, with that said you really want to hear him play his guitar anyway! It's Beautiful!
The sound and the lights and the music were amazing, but the kids on American Idol could have sung better then the two bums he had singing for him. Oh and try dressing up for the concert, you guys! With Carlos's line of clothing those two singers could have looked real stunning, but just old t-shirts and jeans, it was like they were in rehearsal, not doing the show! That was a disappointment!
But all in all, I saw a legend and I can put that in my scrapbook forever!
In other news:
I have not heard from the counter guys, but I was told 5-7 days so I am waiting patiently, you can bet on Tuesday I will be on the phone!! I am painting the dining room this weekend so stay tuned for more kitchen photos!

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Cabinets!!

I love the little sign they put on the lawn this morning!

 The 2 guys worked from 9 to 3 and they did a wonderful job, they even fixed some floor moulding that they did not have to do, it was wrong from the botched floor installation job we had done a few years ago. The whole wall thing around the fridge came out wonderful, I will have a shelf to put some decorative items on, I wish I had those bowls in my inspiration photo, the fire king with red dots, but boy, those are going for a pretty little penny!!
The only problem that happened was, we had one shiny silver knob in the pack, so I have to go exchange it for the polished silver. Ok, counter guy will be here in the morning! Stay tuned for more fun in the sun and in my new kitchen!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kitchen is ready!

 Getting ready to remove the sink side!
 The new light, wow, it is nice and bright in the kitchen!
 My whole kitchen is in my craft room!
 More stuff in the craft room!
 All finished painting and new white switches and plugs are in with new polished silver plates on top!!
The new mouse moved in and my kitchen is ready to recieve the cabinets!! I am beyond excited! But mostly I am exhausted, I know we saved a lot of money by doing the painting and removing of old cabinets ourselves, but whew, that was hard work!!
I just love the color it is so retro aqua, you really have to see it in person!! Too cool, and when I add the red accents, it will look so groovy wild!!
See back here in a day or two!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boys are Back!!!

Tonight is the new season of Deadliest Catch!
In Honor of Captain Phil, whom we lost last season, I made Crab Legs, and Crab Cakes for dinner!
I have never made crab cakes and I must say I did good!
I put the recipe on my cooking blog, so check it out!
Go make something with crab this week and support your crab fishers, it's a deadly job!!
The Feast!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Taylor, Sunset, Steaks, Crabs, Bowls and Kitchens!

What a whirlwind weekend...It started saturday morning, Tanya met me for bingo at sunset station, no winners, had breakfast then headed to the empty bowl benefit...I chose one bowl for my kitchen and one for my craft room to toss tidbits and trinkets in!

I headed off to check in to Sunset Station casino/hotel for the night, since we were going to a concert I figured I might as well sleep over, no driving at night and I was able to have a few cocktails, mainly baileys and coffee, as that casino/hotel was freezing inside! I was able to get a room cheap with a coupon for locals!
I went down to the sports bar to watch the Texas rangers lose a game, I will be travelling to Texas this summer to see Napoli play his old team mates, I can't wait for that trip!! My Rangers jersy is on it's way, 25 Napoli on the back!

At 6:00 I met Tanya back at the steakhouse, we had a coupon to eat 50.00 worth of food for 25.00, the filet mignon was fabulous, we paired it with a good salad, I had cesar, she had a blue cheese wedge. Then we headed off to the  concert venue to see Livingston Taylor (James Taylor's brother).
He put on a cute little concert with his funny little songs he writes!
That ended my mini little vacation, I was up bright and early to head home to paint my kitchen!
It is coming along great! I had removed most of the cabinets Friday night (Charlie was racing in california this weekend). I am really excited to see the end result! But I think we are looking good and once I add the white paint it should really start looking like my inspiration kitchen!

Don't forget that The Deadliest Catch starts again this Tuesday night! I will be making Crab Cakes, and Crab Legs for dinner! Recipe to be put on my cooking blog Tuesday! Yum!!
I have a busy week stay tuned for more fun in the sun here in Las Vegas!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be Happy!

I took a class today with She is my good friend, Colleen Mcgraw.
I needed a new copper cuff and she was offering this class to put texture on metal using a rolling is my finished product:
I really like it. I am always reminding myself to be happy, to be in the moment, so I chose these words. Life is very stressful and you have to take one day at a time. You also cannot let people judge you and mold you. You have to be yourself and always be true to yourself. I can't make people like me and I can't get mad when they don't like me. They have their own choices in life to make. I have to live my own life and Be Happy with the choices I make. I have many friends who love me and accept me for all that I am because I think deep down they know I am always ME, what you see is what you get.
It also helps that I am a Happy person, but that is because I remind myself daily!
I love my new cuff and will wear it proudly, a reminder to Be Happy, life is what you make of it, and I want to make it fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen is moving right along!

Cabinets were delivered today, so we will be living in our living room for a week and a half. My install is scheduled for April 18th! That gives me and charlie a week to tear out the old ones and paint the walls!
It is really coming along and I can't wait for the finished kitchen!
Have a great weekend! I know I will with painting and moving my kitchen into the spare room!

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend, my friends (Debbie and Mary NR) came to town to scrapbook with Ginger from Ginger holds a spring crop and a fall crop each year in Henderson. We headed to the Fiesta hotel down the road from the convention center on Friday to have a relaxing weekend of scrapbooking.

Friday night we had a nice dinner at the steakhouse. Saturday morning we were off to scrapbook from 9-9.

It was fun to scrapbook with the girls we had met last year, Beth and Laura our dog loving friends!
Laura's sheltie was actually competing at a show saturday over at the dog park, the Fiesta Hotel allows pets so anyone headed to Henderson or Las Vegas and you want to bring your best friend along give them a call! I shared the elevator with the biggest Boxer dog I ever met! Wish Christy would have been there she would have had fun with the dogs in the hotel and talking with Beth and Laura.

Sunday morning Mary had to get on the road early so we said goodbye and she headed home.
What a fun little getaway right in my own backyard!