Monday, April 11, 2011

Taylor, Sunset, Steaks, Crabs, Bowls and Kitchens!

What a whirlwind weekend...It started saturday morning, Tanya met me for bingo at sunset station, no winners, had breakfast then headed to the empty bowl benefit...I chose one bowl for my kitchen and one for my craft room to toss tidbits and trinkets in!

I headed off to check in to Sunset Station casino/hotel for the night, since we were going to a concert I figured I might as well sleep over, no driving at night and I was able to have a few cocktails, mainly baileys and coffee, as that casino/hotel was freezing inside! I was able to get a room cheap with a coupon for locals!
I went down to the sports bar to watch the Texas rangers lose a game, I will be travelling to Texas this summer to see Napoli play his old team mates, I can't wait for that trip!! My Rangers jersy is on it's way, 25 Napoli on the back!

At 6:00 I met Tanya back at the steakhouse, we had a coupon to eat 50.00 worth of food for 25.00, the filet mignon was fabulous, we paired it with a good salad, I had cesar, she had a blue cheese wedge. Then we headed off to the  concert venue to see Livingston Taylor (James Taylor's brother).
He put on a cute little concert with his funny little songs he writes!
That ended my mini little vacation, I was up bright and early to head home to paint my kitchen!
It is coming along great! I had removed most of the cabinets Friday night (Charlie was racing in california this weekend). I am really excited to see the end result! But I think we are looking good and once I add the white paint it should really start looking like my inspiration kitchen!

Don't forget that The Deadliest Catch starts again this Tuesday night! I will be making Crab Cakes, and Crab Legs for dinner! Recipe to be put on my cooking blog Tuesday! Yum!!
I have a busy week stay tuned for more fun in the sun here in Las Vegas!!


Bead and Needle said...

Jackson Browne - I don't think that color is as bright as you described it to be. Looks BEAUTIFUL! Good job, girl - thanks for a fun weekend, too!

Mary said...

Looking good! For someone who hates to paint you sure have jumped in with gusto! And it looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!

Mandy said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished project! Your photos make me feel like I need to post some before and afters of our new house here in AZ!