Monday, August 29, 2011

Baseball in Texas!

Dang, it was hot and muggy! I had booked a weekend getaway for Charlie months and months we could go see a baseball game in Texas. We want to go to a different ballpark each year. This year was Texas Rangers in Arlington.
Nice but not as nice as Arizona where we like to see the Diamondbacks play!
We were a bit stressed out, as Charlie's mom had to go to the hospital right before we left to get a kidney stone removed, we could not cancel flight and hotel without losing all funds about 1000.00, and then we paid 280.00 for two days worth of baseball tickets...we decided to go and hope that she would be in the hosptial for a few days resting and we would fly back first thing sunday, well, turns out she did not need us, as she drove herself home sunday without even telling us! Mordern medicine is a pretty fascinating thing I guess! She is doing fine resting at home.
Saturday morning we rented a car for the day and drove to downtown Dallas, YUCK! Don't bother. Then we headed off to The StockYards in Fort Worth, now that was more like it! You could walk around and the street is like an old western town, we went on a stagecoach ride, ate bbq at Cooper's, don't bother, yuck again!
Got back to the stadium in time to see Saturdays game, this time we headed to the Cuervo Club, an airconditioned lounge, we dined on chips and salsa and beer and wine, after the sun went down we went to our seats and enjoyed the game. I got to see Napoli play friday and saturday, he did great!
All in all, it was an ok weekend, I wished Charlie could have relaxed more, but maybe next year will be better, we will try San Diego or Seattle!!







Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sewing Class and Sammy!

I took my class to make a purse today at SewObsessed! Wow, that was fun! But it is a lot of work! Class was from 11:00 to 4:30!! I still had to topstich my handles when I left but came right home and got them done!I chose Vintage Kitchen fabric as the main fabric...I just love this and I learned so much!!

I really love how well made this is, thank you, Tanya, for teaching me I could make a purse! Everybody in class had a different spin on the purse and they all looked fabulous!

P.S. Just an update on Sammy, he is still hanging out, he loves to show up for breakfast then dinner and come in and lounge around the house, but then he wants to leave becuase he has business to attend to, I am hoping to get him to the vet to get clipped and checked out next month!

He is such a lover and a lap kitty, he loves to jump up on my chair and sit with me after breakfast! I have tried to collar him 3 times with breakaway collars but they last 1 maybe 2 days and they are gone, not sure if someone is removing them or he gets into tight spots and loses them. Anyway, Toby still hates him and makes it known he is not welcome here...Toby is such a grouch! I should have named him Oscar!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing and much much more!

I love to take classes, I love to learn new things, I love being in class, I love homework, I love reading!
I know well into my senior years I will continue to take classes and learn new stuff. Which brings me to my latest adventure...sewing again!
I started sewing at a quilt store in costa mesa, called piecemakers, I took classes and made many quilts that I gave away or sold, I loved every minute of  it. I got my sister involved..and then she found scrapbooking with Creative Memories, from there we went to workshops and I became a consultant, I had workshops in my home in Anaheim...from there we found stamping and card making, we had wonderful workshops with Pat and Janet....

I moved to Vegas but never turned loose of the scrapbooking, I wanted to sew but there was nothing here for me...I liked to travel and scrapbook too much..then I found Jewelry classes with Colleen, and a whole new world opened up...I have an etsy store, I make money at this jewelry thing, I can make gifts from jewelry within minutes...I love it.

But then my friend and fellow Quilter, Tanya decided to take up teaching sewing here I am full saturday I am taking a sewing class to make a tote bag with Tanya, I am excited to sew again, I really missed tonight I sat down to make a pin cushion from they have a club you sign up for and each month they send you a pattern to make is perfect for me back in the sewing mode...Oh, they send little iron on labels for each project, one will have your name on it!! Here is my little (but large) pin cushion! P. S. it is filled with Lentils, cause I could not find crushed walnuts!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Reading!

A successful novel should interrupt the reader’s life, make him or her miss appointments, skip meals, forget to walk the dog. - Stephen King

Ok, Ok, I finally caved in and decided to read the Harry Potter books.
I am buying them in paperback at wal-mart, I have 1-4 already and I just finished #1, which was a very entertaining and fun little read! So, I think once I am done with all 7, I may watch the movies. I prefer reading the books to the movies, although, I think all the Stephen King movies have been excellently adapted to TV. Stand by Me, Green Mile, The Shining, Cujo, IT, Oh, and we cannot forget Christine!! I hope Harry Potter lives up to my imagination!
I have never been a serious reader, I like to read for fun, I like the books to be light and funny.
I have always preferred reading a series, so Potter was a good choice. My favortie series of books I read when I was young were written by Scott Corbett, they were the "trick book"  series. Very fun and entertaining. He had 12 in the series and I am in the process of collecting them all, I have 5 so far!
I am glad I started to read again, it is so relaxing to curl up with a good story!
The first Scott Corbett book in the Trick series!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is a blog and what is it for?

I was accused once of blogging for self adulation and self promotion....but that's not it at all, in my eyes.Self-promotion and self-adulation..... Self-promotion is the art of spreading ideas, concepts, and a greater vision. Self-adulation is just the promotion of accomplishments, deeds that have already been done.
Hmm, maybe I leave it up to my faithful readers...I am not sure what I am guilty of?

I feel my blog is a way to let my friends and family know what I am up to, what has been going on in my life..I also love to share new ideas and concepts. I have always kept a diary since I was 16 years old ( I am now 46), I used the old hallmark yearly calendars to keep track of things, I have them dating from 1982 to 2011. I feel my blog is my diary now, only it has no lock, you are free to read along and see my daily activities.

You can learn from my mistakes, gain knowledge from my travels and experiences...I love my blog and all it and I stand for.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, is all I ask for in this screwed up, messed up, world we call earth.

So, as another 24 hours passes by and another day gets chalked up to history,

I ask you what have you done today? Have you made a difference in someones life today? Have you done the right thing?

I feel I have done all I can today to make it a good day, I told my husband that I love him and we are so good together, I taught my grandson to dive for quarters in the pool and that new york is far away and oregon is up the coast all along the ocean, using the quarters as a guide. He made 2.00 and I hope I taught him a little about the united states.

I also learned that life is short and you better not waste one single minute.If you think I am lying, please go ready this blog post: For Mikey!

Oh and after you read that post,  I may not be making a peanut butter pie but I am making something special for a friend who survived a bank robbery last friday, thank the lord for sparing the life of our friend Andre, he is such a nice guy and such a big hearted family man, he has 2 beautiful little daughters he loves so much!

Thank you to who ever is responsible for today and letting me blog about all that I did today... It is my honor to type away, And to all that read it, thank you for taking the time, to read my thoughts and my cares and my actions.

Oh and Thank you for today.....I really enjoyed it!!

For Jennie and Mikey:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bell Bottom Blues

Ok, How cool are these jeans? Tanya helped me make them, well she did 99% of it, I may have sewn a seam or two but she figured out how to make them..I just love them...I always wear casual hippie type suits me just fine! Tanya came up with the idea to make bell bottoms before we went to hippiefest, but she couldn't find the time before the we took time the other day to whip up a pair...So Groovy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peace Love and Music, can you dig it?

Oh yeah, baby...I was there at Hippiefest 2011!! Wow, the lights and the music and the groovy tunes, we couldn't get much higher..(on music that is!).

Ok, it was no Woodstock, it was a couple of old singers from bands long gone, singing the old hits...we were at the Hilton, you know the Hilton is turning into such a dump, those spoiled girls need to put some money back into the family business or they will be out of business and penniless! We won't even eat there any longer, we eat at home first then go to the concerts. When you get fish bacon with your meal, it is time to give it up.

Back to the music, I really enjoyed hearing Dave Mason from too many bands to mention, and Mark Farner from Grand Funk Railroad, they were still right on with the sounds...Please go to Mark's website and give support to his son Jessie...last year Jessie was goofing around and jumped off a picnic table to do a backflip (to impress the girls) and broke his neck, he is now a quadriplegic.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Urban Escapes 2011

Here is our group photo from the retreat, wow, Kari really put on a great escape! I can't wait to go back next year! It was fabulous!
If you want to join us next time sign up with Kari at

Tuesday, August 2, 2011



1. Private jewelry class with Colleen, complete with Fabulous Lemon Cupcakes and Bracelet making!
2. Meeting up with your old high school buddy, Debbie!
3. Swimming pool and Pina Coladas!
4. Staying at the Fabulous M Resort!
5. Scrapbooking with My Urban Escapes 24/7!
6. Going to the Peter Frampton Concert on the beach at Mandalay Bay!
7. Pasteries/Orange Panattone from BabyCakes everyday!
8. Breakfast Quesadilla from Hash Hash a Go Go!
9. Bloody Mary's and Bingo!
10. The Top 10 reason for having your sister visit is spending time together!