Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peace Love and Music, can you dig it?

Oh yeah, baby...I was there at Hippiefest 2011!! Wow, the lights and the music and the groovy tunes, we couldn't get much higher..(on music that is!).

Ok, it was no Woodstock, it was a couple of old singers from bands long gone, singing the old hits...we were at the Hilton, you know the Hilton is turning into such a dump, those spoiled girls need to put some money back into the family business or they will be out of business and penniless! We won't even eat there any longer, we eat at home first then go to the concerts. When you get fish bacon with your meal, it is time to give it up.

Back to the music, I really enjoyed hearing Dave Mason from too many bands to mention, and Mark Farner from Grand Funk Railroad, they were still right on with the sounds...Please go to Mark's website and give support to his son Jessie...last year Jessie was goofing around and jumped off a picnic table to do a backflip (to impress the girls) and broke his neck, he is now a quadriplegic. www.markfarner.com


Colleen said...

So glad everyone had a great time - I have no idea as to any of them are!!!!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Groovy time my friend!!

Bead and Needle said...

What a GRAND, funked up evening! Had a ball...and glad we skipped the fish bacon this time! Rock ON, little one...rock on!