Friday, August 12, 2011

Bell Bottom Blues

Ok, How cool are these jeans? Tanya helped me make them, well she did 99% of it, I may have sewn a seam or two but she figured out how to make them..I just love them...I always wear casual hippie type suits me just fine! Tanya came up with the idea to make bell bottoms before we went to hippiefest, but she couldn't find the time before the we took time the other day to whip up a pair...So Groovy!


Colleen said...

Oh, yeah, so groovy - you know how I feel about these - I lived thru that era and could care less about going back but back then those are very cute and glad you love them!!!!!!

Tanya said...

They are WAY cuter on, Chica - go put them on and take another picture! And YOU did the work...always selling yourself short, Little One! :-)