Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scrapbooks and cake!

Just got back from a scrappinescapes weekend in San Diego, so fun and relaxing...

I just love the LaJolla Marriott, the food is fabulous, I could just go and eat all weekend then float away on the ocean like a little whale....hahahaha....

It is Patti's last time as host, she is busy selling houses in California, so something had to give, but she found new hosts, Lisa and Jennifer, so let fun continue!

Steak Sandwich and Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Fries!
My favorite Riesling by the fire pit, Chateau St. Michelle

Christy having a glass, Cheers!
They had a photo booth and props! I'm a viking! Christy is the queen of the crop!
I made the shirts that Christy and I are wearing, they say "It's all fun and games until you run out of adhesive" which any scrapbooker knows is the worse thing that can happen at a crop!
I will start selling my shirts and other scrapbook goodies in my etsy shop:

When I got home my hubby's birthday was on Tuesday so I baked him his favorite Devils food cake with chocolate frosting, used a stencil cut from my cricut to decorate it:
Keep creating and enjoying the everyday moments......

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Summer is almost here!

Been busy getting the pool ready, I should be able to jump in this saturday!!!

Taking my cooking classes once a month, sometimes two if I get a good sale price.

I have made some pretty yummy things:

Surf and turf tacos!

Made a vinyl signage for my pantry door!

I need to get some recipes on here, but I am off to breakfast with a friend this morning so hang in there, I will be back with something yummy for you!